iPhone XS / XS Max "Real Review"

iPhone XS / XS Max “Real Review”
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22 Replies to “iPhone XS / XS Max "Real Review"”

  1. eric bell

    Clean charging port on phone by both blowing and tweezer if your having prob charging iPhone. You may blow but if it's compacted lint, it won't come out.

  2. Simča Strand

    Iphone Xs and Xs Max in Gold is not so beautiful. It reminds me of the color of urine ???????????? And it has manufacturing defects in pvd and antennas. And space it same! Silver color is no problem.

  3. Natalie Tanner

    So I have a note 9 and I'm just bored of all its wonderful very useful functionality. Headphone jack… DeX… no notch… dual sim…finger print sensor…great long lasting battery…best display ever…BUT with all that being said I'm still curious about the iPhones. Last iPhone was IPHONE 4 ?. Drawn to the software… size… and design. I do want one.

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