iPhone XS & XS Max tips and tricks: Master iOS 12 and Memoji

Cam goes over some things you’ll want to get accustomed to on your brand new iPhone XS and XS Max.

They’re running the latest versions of Apple’s software optimised for these big-screened skinny-bezeled phones. We’ve been using the phones for the past week or so, and found a few things you’ll want to know.

iPhone XS/XS Max tips and tricks:

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iPhone XS/XS Max Specs
– 5.8 inch, 1125 x 2436, OLED display
– 6.5 inch, 1242 x 2688, OLED display (Max)
– A12 Bionic processor
– Dual 12MP wide/telephoto camera
– 7MP front camera
– Face ID
– Stainless steel build
– Gold, silver and black colours
– Mobile HDR (HDR 10/Dolby Vision)
– iOS 12
– Wireless charging

Shot, presented and edited by Cam Bunton:

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19 Replies to “iPhone XS & XS Max tips and tricks: Master iOS 12 and Memoji”

  1. dinithx

    I have Xs Max but I can’t click camera button ? in messages and can’t do memoji. I don’t know y 🙁 who can tell me how to fix it ?

  2. Collin

    I’ve had only iPhones for the last years and they all had the same problem. Because I work constructions, there is dust getting inside the charging port and difficulties charging the phone. Even a broken pin inside. I had to pay $99 to get a different phone. I wonder what they mean by “iPhone XS is DUST PROOF”.
    I would really love to upgrade. The iPhone XS gold looks amazing.

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