iPhone XS / XS Max vs Galaxy Note 9 vs iPhone X Battery Life DRAIN TEST

Battery Life drain Test of the New 2018 iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, iPhone X vs OnePlus 6! This Battery Life Drain Test will show us which smartphone has the best battery life! GIVEAWAY:
1x iPhone XS Max
2x iPhone XS
3x Upcoming Honor Smartphone

Giveaway is free and International, and to enter you just need to be following my social media accounts!
Gleam link to participate:

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34 Replies to “iPhone XS / XS Max vs Galaxy Note 9 vs iPhone X Battery Life DRAIN TEST”

  1. Vaibhav Shah

    Apple makes the best phones software wise. But the company is so anti consumer that its pathetic. Also, keep in mind that you can buy a OnePlus and a Samsung Note 9 for the price of a single iPhone…at least here in Europe

  2. Patrick Browne

    Recently got the iPhone Xs and the battery on that is noticeably worse than my 3yo iPhone 7… any ideas? Or is this just another example of inflated iPhone stats?

  3. Aseem Singh

    The thing is apple bionic chip is on 7 nm architecture that makes it battery efficient despite of low battery capacity .
    I wish apple starts making phone with above 4000 mah battery . So with their processor they will become invincible

  4. mintico snout

    Thank you. This video will shows that when it comes to quality, apple is definitely still up there. Haters always focus apple and roast them based on their price.

  5. Olivia Anderson

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