iPhone Xs & Xs MAX Water Test


The new iPhone Xs and Xs Max are IP 68 water resistant in this video I test the water resistance capability of the new Apple iPhone Xs & Xs MAX

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37 Replies to “iPhone Xs & Xs MAX Water Test”

  1. kengam rina

    I drowned my phone inside the river and its sound is not working properly so i am here to see if it's gonna get better later or this is just bad luck huh!

  2. Eloy Nunez

    That's false a completely lied I dropped my iPhone Xs in water and went completely black and I talked to customer service and they told me that they are not water proof they are only water resistant, so this video is a lie and apple got a false advertisement which they should be sued for false advertisement

  3. Whitley

    I came here because I accidentally dropped my phone in the dish wash while doing dishes and I need my phone to be able to work from home 😭😭😭😭 THANK GOD MY PHONE STILL WORKS!!!!

  4. Kiyandra

    I dropped mine for about 10 seconds to a pool, everything worked well and 2-3 hours later stopped responding XD the apple logo screen keep poppin up and then the black screen came up

  5. Mario G

    Okay so I tested this for everyone with an iPhone XS. I went to a pool & it did not survive. Thank you AppleCare+ 😂. So basically if your phone falls into some water it’s cool just pull it out and you’ll be fine. But if you swim with it and you’re moving it around underwater, even halfheartedly, somehow the water manages to get inside the phone.

  6. Andreeana Quintana

    How? 🥺 Brought mine in the pool was under water for less then 1 minute & I am now watching on my iPad like… 😭💔 Put in rice for 2 days & my baby won’t come back to life. R.I.P. my beautiful XS Max! 😣

  7. Balu James

    Apple company is cheating their customer. Why am saying is that when I just wiped my phone with a wet cloth My iPhone XS 512Gb face id sensor got damaged all other functions of my phone works very well and my phone was under warranty so I brought the phone to the service center they said it's water damage they can't do anything. I called Apple customer support and asked about the IP68 water rating they replayed me sometimes it may happen and they can't accept. They said It is a customer responsibility and apple is not liable, so they rejected my warranty claim. Please don't even try to clean your mobile with water. Apple company is making its customer fools. I was using apple products since they launched the iPhone 4. I completely lost trust in the Apple company. Please don't trust them. This is my experience with the Apple company and its waterproof guaranty.

  8. ٴٴ

    if this is an apartment pool i don’t mind but if this is yours please clean your pool unless you want it to turns green

  9. MRJames

    I washed my iphone xs than my screen whent black so its not so waterproof as you my think i got lucky it worked the next day becouse i put it on rise

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