iRig PRE mic preamp vs built-in mic in noisy environments – iPhone iPad iPod touch Android

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Listen to the astounding difference between the iOS and Android device built-in microphones and iRig PRE mic preamp (mic pre) in noisy environments!

Introducing the First studio quality mic preamp for the iOS and Android platforms

Here’s how you use it: Take the microphone you use every day on stage or in the studio and plug it into your compatible iOS or Android device. It’s that simple. Need Phantom Power? Flip the “Phantom Power” switch. Congratulations, you’ve just become a professional user.

This is perhaps the most important product introduction for musicians and the rest of the civilized world since the smartphone and tablet. Now, thanks to the iRig PRE, you can hook your favorite microphone to your compatible iOS or Android device and join the mobile music revolution. Create music any time, anywhere with your own high quality microphones on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and many Android devices.

11 Replies to “iRig PRE mic preamp vs built-in mic in noisy environments – iPhone iPad iPod touch Android”

  1. Starbuys

    How do you record songs with a backing track on IRIG PRE, We can download songs but cannot here the backing track while recording the song and singing to the backing track??? Please Advise, Thank you STARBUYS

  2. ikmultimedia

    Notice it shows Android devices, and will work with many devices that have a combined input/output jack like Apple and Android products typically do.

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