Is Apple's iPhone XR the Best Premium Phone Value of 2018? — Mashable Reviews

Apple’s iPhone XR is finally here and we’ve been using it for a week. It’s cheaper, but what’s it missing compared to the iPhone XS and XS Max? Check out our video review, and read the full, in-depth review of Apple’s more affordable iPhone here:

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  1. Not yet a youtuber

    Thanks for not going ham on this phone like most people reviewing it making it seem like the worst apple phone ever when it's really a good day to day everything phone for an amazing price!

  2. LesterBunny 21

    Currently have an android and was deciding to move to apple but the XS is way too expensive and honestly deciding between the 8plus or the XR any suggestions?

  3. Kevin Davis

    Good job, especially on shooting the video on a XR.
    No doubt, made much easier because it can record more than 5 mins of 4k60 or 10 mins of 4k30, Lol. ?

  4. Jason Sims

    I would be doing you alllllllll a huge favor by telling you to go try this phone before you buy. I was about to buy one and went to Bestbuy today to get a feel for it. I saw on some other reviews about it being top heavy and I must say that they were 100% true. Pick it up with one hand and try to use and then pick up the iPhone Xs beside it and try it one handed. The weight distribution is wayyyyy off on the Xr. They screwed the pooch on the Xr. There is no way you can use that phone with one hand not because of the reachabiltiy but rather how top heavy it is. I will either keep my SE or get the even balanced Xs. To use the Xr you have to grab it up at around the power and volume buttons then it too far of a reach for your thumb to reach the bottom to swipe up.

  5. AndresM

    Welcome to 720p lol
    He goes to describe the display but leave out the actual resolution.
    Soo lame..yet this phone is perfect for apple fanboys who will buy anything from Apple, even if it means that an Iphone 4 has better resolution.
    Also it's funny how Apple tweaked the global settings to trick Apps to show as 1080p yet the display is not capable of such resolution.

  6. Felix Truvere

    I will stop buying iPhones. My daughter walks into my house with a cheap Samsung toy phone her mom bought her & EASILY screen mirrors on my TV wirelessly. MY DUMBASS EXPENSIVE IPHONE CANT DO THAT. Noooo… You gotta have an APPLE TV. IPHONE SUCKS. Always trying to fix things that AREN’T broke. Making its own adapters that don’t jive with other systems. Selfish money company.

  7. Shilla Haste

    I got mine today, and the screen IS amazing! Everyone who moans about the screen specs, should see it for themselves. It’s fast and the camera is fantastic. I actually can’t believe how much controversy this phone had from butthurt Android users, who aren’t even going to get it anyway. But excellent review and very well shot!

  8. István Mező

    for USD 750 + a shiny colorful piece of shit. NO OLED screen, NO 3D touch, NO 1080 p. For half of this price you can buy much better smart phones. You know it exactly, shame on you that you promot this and help apple to fool customers.

  9. Bradley

    Also learn to fix the accessibility bugs for the disabled of which there are many of them! Reporting feedback to the apple site does nothing as they either don't look at the feedback like they claim to do, or they actively ignore it

  10. Bradley

    Bring back the home button like we've got on the iPhone 8 Plus, it might not be like the home button on the 6S Plus but at least it's a home button and touch id was legendary. Face id is crap. Also bring back some type of headphone jack so I can charge my phone and listen to music on the headphones, if no headphone jack then give me a usb port to plug my usb headset in, I don't want to decide to charge the phone or listen to music on headphones, I want to do both! Apple stop trying to fix what was never broken because all you ended up doing was breaking things and pissing people off!

  11. Darren Albertson

    The guy at :24 secs looks like he's about to punch you in the back of the head and take off with your phone… my iPhone 6 is still motoring along but I suspect this will be my next phone.

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