Is Nokia Back?

Unboxing the Nokia 7.1 Android One smartphone.
Nokia 7.1 (USA Link) –
Nokia 7.1 (International) –


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48 Replies to “Is Nokia Back?”

  1. zincosystems

    Nokia is installing terrible battery management software on all their phones and it keeps killing important apps such as WhatsApp and smartwatch companion apps when not used for more than 20 minutes. Please expose this terrible practice by manufacturers and Nokia is the worst offender according to dontkillmyapps dot com. They make great hardware but its worthless if they don't allow you to run important apps in the background. Other manufacturers allow you to whitelist apps but Nokia kills even whitelisted apps.

  2. P V

    I just picked up this phone a couple of weeks ago. I don't need high end phones so I'm more than happy with it. However, the glass rear is fragile AF! Cracked from a very small drop which made me cranky. Otherwise, solid phone.

  3. bradumus j

    what we have now no matter the price is fucking awesome. my s9 that i have now has more everything than my desk top had when i was younger. "oh its a lill slow" cunt no its not no just no its fucking awesome

  4. EsteBandido4444

    I'm sorry to break it to adultered-Android fans, but smartphones should be about the Software experience.
    It's either iPhone, Pixel, or any of the Android One phones; maybe OnePlus since it's the best version of Android. (NO SAMSUNG, NO LG, NO CHINESE wanna-be Apple skins).

  5. Navid Rafiq

    I am using Nokia 7.1 for a month and really its a great come back from Nokia…In a mid range price, Glassy and really design is very sexy…Touch is very smooth, Screen Resolution and camera pictures, videos are superb…Nokia is Back, Keep it up Nokia…

  6. P S

    I'm looking forward to seeing your review on the Nokia 9. I'm really holding out some hope that Nokia is having a major comeback and they will be a serious contender in the Android phone market maybe even sooner than we think. Plus having a much lower price tag than a lot of Samsung and Google pixel phones as well as Android one. Plus I think I'm getting sick and tired of LG and my next phone is probably either going to be the OnePlus or maybe this Nokia 9.

  7. Stelios Class

    Why not buy a cheap DSLR with $100 that will take better pictures than
    any phone that will be built in the next 20 years ? Just because it will
    have a bigger lense. End of story.

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