Is The Galaxy Note 9 The Best Smartphone of 2018?

Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 the best smartphone for 2018 or is it just another Note? One thing’s for sure, if you want to Play Fortnite for Android the Note 9 is the place to do it.

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40 Replies to “Is The Galaxy Note 9 The Best Smartphone of 2018?”

  1. Albertus Alves

    my "always thinking" question is, if Samsung really that good, then why Korean people mostly using iPhone instead of Samsung ?? and Samsung gets low sales in their country as well

  2. Ahmed Gamal

    Samsung phones really got a problem with image burn on thier phones. I have got my note 8 and after a few months i got a watsapp conversation burned in on the screen and i heard it is a common problem with many people

  3. Joshua David

    I swear he didn't even do a cover up video when he was meant to use it as his main phone, I still think this guy just goes on whoever's paying him more for these reviews from the start I've watched him and he goes from side to side from apple then Samsung then miui on so on kind of puts me off watching his reviews on an idea what to go for these days

  4. Coffee and tea AJ

    Does it wireless charge? I MIGHT not 100 percent it's a 50/50 rn get it soon, I'm so exited if I do since I LOVE big phones, pens, Samsung, and lots of storage and honestly it's my dream phone

  5. JacksBlack

    Please do a review on the stinking new Pie upgrade that downgraded all our phones.. … I loved my note 9 until 3 days ago when Pie destroyed my phone….. dammit

  6. Steven Hogan

    Love the channel. My question for you is if you were to absolutely choose between the note 9 or the XS Max what would you choose? I have had my max for about a month and I just got my note 9 about a week ago. I'm just wondering what you would choose

  7. michael mariano

    Lew can you take a look at Note 9 camera problem. Lots of Note 9 users are experiencing a vibrating camera. It happens when you use the zoom or live focus making the shots blur. Looks like Samsung is not addressing this properly.

  8. Tomas P

    worst phone I ever had, freezes, not responsive, and very prone to cracking…after only buying samsung for many years, I will switch to iPhone, any suggestions other than Iphone?

  9. Zahra Timany

    Hi. I live in Iran and just purchased the Galaxy Note 9 and its Android version is the last one (Pie, 9) . And searching in the Settings, I found a ‘ Security Update date ‘ on 1,January,2019. So is it a secondhand? Or is there any other explanation ?? I thought it would need to be updated, ‘cause with all my previous phones, when I got a new one and the OS was updated after they were released, I had to update them myself.
    PS: I mentioned living in Iran, ‘cause I didn’t purchase the phone from an actual Samsung Store, but a regular Mobile Store.

  10. Jorge Aguayo

    Hey, so apparantly my note 9 as well as other peoples phones have gotten a factory defect with the cameras we get a ratteling and buzzing noize and the camera struggles to adjust in live focus mode and zoom. Please bring this issue to the air

  11. Mia

    Expensive now but you gotta love that electronic depreciation. Can’t afford it now? Wait 2 /3 years. It’ll be $400 or less before long.

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