Is the Google Pixel 2 Worth It?

The Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL might be the best Android smartphones of 2017.
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  1. Dingo D. Manhunter

    The lack of a headphone jack isn't a small thing like most phone reviewers pretend. It's consumer fraud.

    I've been using pixel 2 for a year and it was way past the 14 day return period when I started using it and for the first time noticed lack of a headphone jack and expandable storage. This reminded me of high school when I was jamming a $20 Huawei that used micro usb headphones except the Huawei had expandable storage. Don't get me wrong the pixel runs well, and the camera is good if you wanna count ball hairs on a raccoon 2 yards away but I realized I never really needed a pro camera as much as A HEADPHONE JACK AND A FUCKING MICRO SD CARD SLOT.

    Fuck apple, fuck Google. Stop buying into their bullshit excuses for selling proprietary shit at inflated prices. Apple and Google are making a bullshit excuse about better sound quality that I'd totally buy into if I hadn't done sound production and paid 100 bucks for lost adapters. The only reason to replace the 3.5mm jack would be If we miraculously lost the ability to make 3.5mm jacks.

    In pro music production my buddy says he and all the industry's best engineers make sure to use midrange 20 dollar consumer headphones to mix the audio to make sure it's accessible to everyone. He said this in response to some hipster hifi nerd bragging about 2000 dollar headphones. I have alot of friends who are music producers, some I even play guitar for and they all agree that hifi nerds rave about shit that just doesn't exist.

    Removal of the headphone jack isn't any different. Its companies selling you a fantasy and frankly insulting your intelligence. As the idiom goes, let the buyer beware and let the fanboys be buttfucked.

    Jimi Hendrix sounds good because he makes good music. His music sounds as good on my ergofits as the iPhone earpods as the Bose wireless. I ripped my hendrix cds and put them on an 128 GB SD card I got for 30 bucks instead of paying 300 more to upgrade apple and honestly it sounds as good as Spotify plus I don't have to rely on internet for music. How is it that my old HTC M8, fuck it my old Galaxy s2 allows me to use any or all of these options. And Why in the fuck do I have pay a 1000 bucks for less choice. You guys can tell them companies to stop ripping you off by just letting your money talk and not getting the latest phone instead of defending your expensive purchases by arguing with strangers on the internet.

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