Is the Google Pixel 2 XL worth it in 2019? (Review 1 year later)

The Google Pixel 2 XL will still be an excellent device this year. For those who want an Android device that “just works” and still allows you to capture amazing photos, has excellent battery life and performance that provides butter smooth experience, I don’t think that you can go wrong with the Google Pixel 2 XL in 2019.

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42 Replies to “Is the Google Pixel 2 XL worth it in 2019? (Review 1 year later)”

  1. Ryan Lane

    I still own this phone in 2019. I won't upgrade until a decent phone is actually released. i used to change phones every 6 months, but at this point everything is such a mediocre upgrade.

    I love my Pixel 2 XL and for all it's faults, it's still the best phone I've owned so far. Hoping the Pixel 4 XL is worth buying. If Google choose LG again for the Pixel 4 XL (I know it's not in the 3) then I will not buy it. I have a hatred for LG PLED. Awful quality, Samsung are OLED kings.

    Just a side point, interesting accent! It's at times very British like mine, and at other times very mixed lol, just curious.


    All the pros is true but the cons is not. I have absolutely no problem with my Pixel 2 XL. And I hate when these reviewers say "Big bezels" because the phone is damn near bezelless.??‍♂️

  3. Alfredo Durán

    These Google phones, the Pixels, will always be worthwhile, as long as Google keeps updating them. I was hesitant between acquiring the Pixel 2XL or the Pixel XL (first generation) of 128Gb,I was going to acquire them through a Latin page called MercadoLibre, where one finds (like Ebay and Amazon) both used and new items, in this case I wanted the used ones, since the new ones were or are still too expensive and VAT to opt for the used ones and not, I was really disappointed, almost equal to the same price of a new one, they are extremely expensive. So, the alternative to this, was a phone with Android One, have the same interface of a Pixel, but with added manufacturer, which in my view, is not so relevant. I wanted to buy the Nokia 7 Plus, which is a very good team, with Android Puro and resembling a Google phone, the truth was not for sale, because it had not yet arrived and when it arrived, something expensive came. I waited like in August, that was the month where the Xiaomi Mi A2 arrived, at that time it was something not very expensive, it was affordable to my pocket, but I let a few months pass and when November came, the month of discounts and the famous Black Friday, it was where things got very good, the phone went down at an incredible price, $850.000 Colombian pesos ( that is, about US $266)What surprised me most of the price were its technical specifications of the hardware, I bought the black version, with 6Gb of RAM and 128Gb of internal memory and the truth is that with that wonderful hardware and the price, I can not stand the temptation and I acquired it. Zero lag, I have no problems hanging with the apps everything very fluidy and now with Android Pie 9, is updating this one behaving very well with the battery. Happier could not be and I do not envy at all, for now, no Pixel. Btw, cool review! ?????

  4. Ebuka Onyedinma

    I've been wondering why my wifi drops sometimes while playing games or streaming movies. After watching this review and placing my hand across the glass back, I think I know why! Nice device overall. Got a refurbished 2XL for 400€ last November, and I am not disappointed one bit.

  5. Gino Guillermo

    Hi. I supposed you had updates since doing this video. Have been comparing the PixelI2XL Vs OnePlus 6T. Between the two which one you think excels in the audio recording whilst taking a video? Which one takes better portrait shots and stabilization? Takes natural/warm-ish / less overexposed photos? And which one is better with the overall speakers output? And is better in the audio department when you connect a pair of Bluetooth headphones? Cheers.

  6. MrKnifeart

    I'm looking at getting a used black one tomorrow, in good shape (i hope) for 260 cash. I'm meeting the guy tomorrow. He was asking 350, so seems good?

  7. ben owen

    Very nice review. I had a Pixel 2 XL until last September when I lost it, it's still a fantastic phone and the best phone I ever had and loved the stock Android experience with it's smooth, clean experience and great performance with timely updates and security updates, there's a certain kudos of being first in line for the latest version of Android along with the unlimited Google photos storage and the camera is amazing and is still in 2019, and the design is still really awesome, and despite being 18.9 in aspect ratio, I was worried I'd have difficulty with this but I had no issues at all and is very comfortable to use and the bezels don't bother me and they are small and have a purpose with the front facing speakers which sound great. I will get a Pixel 2 XL again and currently saving up for it now. I had the same colour and 128gb model as you and will get that colour and storage capacity again. Again great and informative review.

  8. reviewtoown

    I'm currently using the original pixel because of the lifetime photo backups. But even with it being the 1st one, it still runs and performs better than pretty much every phone I've used. I'm in love!

  9. dainese01

    Nice video. Thanks. Note: I don't believe instagram refreshing or reloading is hardware/memory dependent but a software/algorithm they use

  10. ThePeoplesChamp

    OVERVIEW: The Google Pixel 2 XL is supposed to be the ultimate Android phone, and although its software stability is appreciated, it falls flat on its face due to anti-consumer, privacy-breaching mechanics, restricted home-screen customisation, embarrassingly lacklustre selfie camera and USB-C to AUX playback issues. Read below for more information.


    Beware that Google unnecessarily FORCES users to activate GPS LOCATION TRACKING for basic weather information (this is not normal – most other smartphones allow users to select their location from a list without any location tracking). It gets worse – if users decide to deactivate GPS location tracking, Google will punish them by breaking the weather widget on the home-screen which users are forced to look at.


    It’s well known that the lack of a standard 3.5mm AUX audio jack is despised by majority of smartphone users. The reason smartphone companies decide to remove the incredibly useful AUX jack is to push the Bluetooth accessory agenda. Phone companies expect a backlash for removing the AUX jack and they attempt to compensate the inconvenience it poses by providing a USB to AUX adapter. My Pixel 2 XL’s USB to AUX adapter does not work – It mistakes the AUX cable for a charging cable and does not play music. Google sent a replacement adaptor, but the issue was not resolved. How embarrassing that an $800 'smart' phone is too stupid to know the difference between an AUX input and USB charging.


    The front camera has a fixed focus, meaning that you cannot choose to focus on the background or foreground (This is not normal in high-end smartphones and Google makes a point of hiding this lacking specification). The fixed focus makes detailed close-up selfies impossible because the phone must be held 50cm from your face and that distance, all details are lost. The Chinese phone brand: Oppo, have better front facing cameras.


    This Pixel 2 wastes 8 home-screen icon spaces due to the non-removable Google search bar and weather widget. It’s insulting that users are refused the flexibility to customise their home-screen considering this phone costs $800.


    There is no full-screen gesture control mode akin to both iPhone and Oppo’s impeccable implantation. The Pixel 2 retains the old and ugly navigation bar at the bottom which makes the phone feel like it belongs in 2008. Google needs to swallow its pride and follow the trend of making the navigation bar transparent.

    THE VERDICT: Unfortunately, Google have demonstrated their anti-consumer and restrictive vision for their smartphones in the Pixel 2 XL. Google forces the users’ hand to activate GPS LOCATION TRACKING by punishing them with broken software if they don’t comply. Google don’t give their customers the flexibility to customise the home-screen to their liking. These are basic expectations for a modern smartphone and Google abysmally fails at delivering. I cannot recommend this phone.

  11. kevin cassell

    I'm sorry but the complainant when you cover up the WiFi antenna with your hand is a pretty rubbish one. That said, I sit outside my house with my 2xl & pocoF1 in the same position and the Poco has far stronger WiFi speeds and signal. But….of course the signal will drop when you put your hand over the aerial. That's physics. You know the human body is one of the more efficient signal blockers right?

  12. Billy Bettcher

    Overall I like mine. I've had it since it came out. But, there are numerous reported problems with launching (wired) Android Auto in vehicles. I have experienced this, too. Currently it's working fine again. But not the case for a lot of people. When it's launching Android Auto, I'm happy with this phone. When it's not, I'm ready to throw it in the trash and get an iPhone

  13. Adam Ip

    I have recently bought a Google Pixel 2 as my 'daily driver' and I have also observed similar issues with Stock USB-C to USB-C cable in the box when I use a magnetic charging adapter, that it only charges in one way (flipping it means it no longer charges) however a USB-A to USB-C works perfectly well. Did you have any experiences with a 3rd Party USB-C to USB-C cable? To see if it fixes the issue. As I'm tempted to get a replacement one so I can use the official brick, but holding off for now.

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