Is the LG V30 Still Worth It?

Is the LG V30 Still Worth It? Hello all and welcome to this revisited video on the LG V30 and if it is still worth it now in late 2018. The intentions of this video is to help you decide if this yesteryear flagship is going to be a great deal for you if your looking for savings on a modern flagship phone. If you have the LG V30 or are planning on buying one consider sharing your feedback, experiences, or questions below! Any further questions, comments, concerns, feedback, suggestions, please be sure to go ahead and post that down below in the comment section of this video. As always thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace ­čÖé

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46 Replies to “Is the LG V30 Still Worth It?”

  1. Aman 08

    Hey Nick Please Reply There's Offer Going On Here In India I Can Buy It New FOR 350$ Can It Run PUBG Game Smoothly?? Should I Buy It It's With B&O Headset Also

  2. Sebastian

    Of Course It's Still Worth It…I'm Considering Purchasing One Of There Magnificently Splendid Devices…After Seeing Multiple Reviews Of This Sort In The Last Week…And Because It's Now Priced Well Less Than Half What It Was In 2017[NEW]…

  3. James Conner

    I can't get the V30 to keep playing for example You Tube music in the background while I temporarily look at another screen. I've had several nice phones, and they all did this by default, so I'm really disappointed. Any settings suggestions ?

  4. Brian Koppa

    Really appreciate this video man. So I'm in a position to upgrade and had a phone initially in mind. That being the Asus Zenfone 5Z and something made me take a look at this phone. I'm currently using a ZTE Axon 7. In your opinion, which is the better deal? The Asus or the LG?

  5. Emily Poole

    I am not a millennial hence no parent to pay for new phones yearly and costs of a phone are┬ádear to me as they are not disposable to one that lives paycheck to paycheck. Having used my Style 3 for over 2 years now, I am ready to upgrade and as I mostly use my own WiFi at home unless I get the rare outing from our farm in the middle of nowhere USA, the camera is important for me in a phone. But being I really like LG and having had no problems with their phones, will this style be old if I purchase it now? $300 plus to me is a lot of money for a cell phone I mostly use to check my online friends, shop rarely and take to the Dr's office or dinner when I do get out. Is the camera worth the price of this phone or money better spent on an SLR camera and keep my old phone? Am over 55 and bet you all can tell not a phone junkie, LOL…but would never pay thousands for a phone when I own a house that is paid for. But pictures of wildlife, my gardens, and pets…priceless.

  6. Alpha Rider SA

    Watching dis on my LG V30+tinQ ..had it for 9 Months now ..i still get a day + on the battery and i am a heavy user .. Watching youtube all day playing clash royal ..whatsapp an Instagram all day BT with my JVC ..and no disappointment from me ..i also swim with my phone alot .no water damage ..i have drop it a couple of times and no cracks on the back or front .very durable

  7. Zinctwentyone

    Upgrading from my amazing V10 now. The V10 has been the best phone I ever bought so hopefully the V30 will be as good. I am only replacing as I just cracked the screen, otherwise v10 still working great with few glitches.

  8. Kevin Droz

    I got the LG V30 after a dropped my note 5 and broke the screen. FUBAR. The problems I have with the LG V30 is when making a phone call and needing to make the call screen go away to look at a text, I have a hard time getting the call screen back up. The screen also seems to have gotten less sensitive to touch as when I tap it to have the screen come up or to swipe it I have to put more pressure on it. Love the screen size. That's Why I got it instead of the Galaxy 8 ( that was out at the time ).

  9. S G

    Such a crazy steal at that price, regardless of price though this LG is making me strongly consider ditching the iPhone and apple watch

  10. Mirza Shafi

    Hi, nobody talks about the camera glass. In the long run, almost all the LG phones get scratched on the camera by itself. I donno what's wrong with LG manufacturing. They almost built a very solid phone except there's always a factory malfunction in somewhere. I really liked their phones, I just can't use it because of the facts. Ugh….come on LG

  11. SoCalSlaughter

    Im still on my V20. The V30, G7 and V40 are all plastic looking and feeling. No ram upgrades, smaller batteries. The displays are narrower and taller, dont like that. I just checked out the OnePlus 6T and it looks just like the G7. Thin and tall display. The terrible notch. If I could get a V20 with 8GB ram, 256 storage and 3500+ battery, Snap 865 processor, Id have a phone for life.

  12. calangel

    You can tell the difference best between the 845 and the 835 by the battery life. The 845 should have better or similar battery, but it isn't…it is slightly worse. Also, standby on 845 phones is less than 835 phones with similar specifications.

    Prime example, Galaxy S8 vs S9.

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