Is The LG V35 The Most Slept On Smartphone In 2020? (Now $244)

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Is The LG V35 The Most Slept On Smartphone In 2020? (Now $244)

24 Replies to “Is The LG V35 The Most Slept On Smartphone In 2020? (Now $244)”

  1. JROD

    This phone/model in particular is in my opinion LG's most slept on model probably in their history.

    And Amazon has whatever stock is left of the phone brand new unlocked for $299 dollars.

    Its the only place still selling new unlocked models.

  2. Dan Lake

    I have the V35, bought brand new unlocked in march 2019 off ebay. shipped with android 8.0 waited till end of september 2019 and never got the 9.0 update I had to find out how to manually install/flash to 9.0 (with june 2019 security patch) to get it successfully. now been waiting for the android 10 update seems like the same thing is going to happen and i'll never get the update OTA, I manually check for updates in software update center and it just always says your phone is up to date… wonder if anyone else is having this issue? I'm using it on Cricket owned by AT&T.

  3. MafiaPlaysYT

    I want a phone where I can start my gaming channel was considering redmi note 8 pro or a51 because they are beautiful any suggestion….budget around 320$…..I really like the note 8 I think it's beautiful and enough to play cod and pubg and that's all I'm gonna put on it

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