Is The ONEPLUS 6 WORTH IT Over The 6T IN 2019?

Is the OnePlus 6T really worth it over the OnePlus 6 in 2019?
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34 Replies to “Is The ONEPLUS 6 WORTH IT Over The 6T IN 2019?”

  1. Veni Lusi Vici

    How are you even real?? A channel with 639 (640 now 😉 ) subs but with the production quality of an account worth millions of subs. Even better than them to be honest. Great music choices and I love use of your drawings combined with the stop motion. Absolutely brilliant. I will be sure to recommend and share your future videos! Keep up the amazing work and have a great day!

  2. Lalu

    This review is way better than the other reviews of OP 6 I've watched. Its creative, unique plus your voice and vocabulary is great to listen to. Don't give up and keep growing!

  3. Rameez Raza Riaz

    What do you mean by you noticed no stuttering? It's filled with micro stutters and it's driving me nuts. Check out Reddit and xda. Xda even made an article about it. Maybe you can't see it but for me its very noticable but it can be because even my iPad air 2 runs smoother.


    The only thing the 6t got is
    1.that better looking notch
    2.better battery

    But the 6 literally slaughters the 6t with
    1.headphone jack
    2.capacitive fingerprint scanner

    I am not at all happy with the optical scanner and the ultrasonic ones
    They need improvements

    BTW awesome video

  5. suave-alpaca

    Personally I prefer op6 than op6T. I dont mind about the lack of on screen fingerprint scanner. What I truly mind is the lack of headphone jack in OP6T

  6. NM Guino

    Awesome content! You just made me think that I made the right decision to go with OnePlus 6! got it for $400 128gb/8gn with free OPB Wireless. The 6T was around $570 with Type C Bullets. It just arrived today and excited to open everything tomorrow!

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