Is The Pocophone F1 Worth It In 2019?

Is the pocophone f1 worth it in 2019. Here is my review of the Pocophone f1. It the Pocophone F1 the next flagship killer? It has great specs, great battery life and a decent camera.

Here is the backup for Nova Launcher on the Poco

Zooper Widget:
Minimal Zooper Plugin:

Buy the Pocophone F1 here:

Dbrand Skin

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Video Gear
Sony a6500 Camera –
Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 Lens –
Sigma MC-11 Adapter –
Sigma 30mm F1.4 Lens –
Sigma 19mm F2.8 Lens –
Audio Technic AT875R Mic –
Neewer Softbox Light –
Dolica AX620B100 Tripod –
Manfrotto 502 Fluid Head –

Complete Video Kit

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27 Replies to “Is The Pocophone F1 Worth It In 2019?”

  1. Techplug

    Check out the first link in the Description for the Nova Launcher Backup and Zooper Widget link to duplicate my Poco F1 home screen setup ?

  2. Marwan Rushrush

    I bought pocophone f1 yesterday after 3 years with Huawei p10 and I'm so happy to have such amazing device with such low price.
    The camera us great and all apps work so fast. True Gem.

  3. Mega Jaxx

    not enjoyed the video at all…comparing pocopfone with pixel 3 is not tolerable… wat the hell…kinda of an gap of these two in their prize… just not objective
    still gonna buy it this summer.. poco is awesome

  4. MOZE

    Can anyone advice me should i buy the pocofone f1 i found it with warranty new or a samsung galaxy a50 the same price with warranty new

  5. Atanas Andonov

    Seriously, it took you 9:30 minutes to say that the only disadvantage compared to pixel 3 is not supporting the LTE in YOUR REGION… Good. Poco is better than iPhone XS Max lol the iPhone just gives you smoother animations

  6. oren flotech

    I don't know where you from but the outdoors visibility is terrible! i am struggling to use the phone under a direct sunlight even in max brightness…

  7. Dave Elzacky

    Hands down a very good review mate… thanks for making this 🙂 i'm actually planning on buying new phone probably after Ramadhan, an till that time, i'm gonna keep searching for references to be able made a good decision
    thanks for revieweing, and YES, please make a camera comparison. Cheers

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