It’s time to eat my words… OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro

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The OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro are here – literally, both are in North America for the first time! But with prices ranging from $700 to nearly $1,000 USD, is it still good value compared to an iPhone 11 or Pixel 4?

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26 Replies to “It’s time to eat my words… OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro”

  1. brandon b

    You may be the only person I've ever heard say they prefer the camera hole right in the middle of your screen, instead of out of they way in the corner.

  2. matt odom

    i have been using my one plus 8 for a year now and the hole punch camera has never bothered me one bit. if it was centered, i bet it would drive me crazy. the default wallpaper design has that corner black so you don't even see it there. it lines up perfectly with the icon things at the top so it manages to look like one of them.

  3. pristavni

    9 months later….. Flagship which still doesn't support 5g in Switzerland because oneplus isn't unable to release the correct firmware in order to make it happen on all three swiss carrier. Additionally sms does not work correctly so forget any banking or two steps verification as you will receive your sms 10 min late….. Swiss customer be warned!

  4. sami houmaira

    When it comes to cameras on phones, I'm less concerned about the "Will it be as good as the iPhone or the Pixel?" question and more concerned if it's going to take good pictures in general.

  5. Jared Williams

    I actually despise pop-up cameras. Maybe it is the way I use a phone, vs Linus. I like to buy a last year's flagship and rock that for 4 years or so. I have serious doubts that the popup camera would still work well after 3+ years of riding in my pocket every day. I actually chose the OnePlus 7T BECAUSE it had a camera notch. I do find it annoying that the notch isn't centered though.

  6. Gork Skoal

    how about the fact the fucking thing is 1,000 fucking dollars. and fastest we can measure our dicks is the fucking camera. why not a reall battery, reall hardware? all that other shit that real people fucking want? I don't give a rats fuck about the camera. I do think it's utter bullshit to charge that fucking much for a god damn phone. ever.

  7. Pon Goni

    Lol he complains a lot, no phone is perfect, there's always a black side to everything.

    Also, the first time i watched his videos i thought he's gay or bi

  8. Sarath Paul

    My Oneplus 8 pro failed water resistance (20 seconds half immersed in clean water to film a video).This was the first time device came in contact with water. This happened in the second month after buying the device. The authorised service centre denied warranty claim for water damage. Main board and other repairs cost Rs. 40,000($550). I can buy a new phone with that money, so I would rather discard my OnePlus 8pro. Disappointed and feeling cheated.

  9. Jerry Martinez

    Unfortunately, OnePlus has become even more bullish and masculine than they have been ever before(although this time in a wrong way) after they laid off some their staff, like Intel corporation did back in the day. Like their former chairman Mr. Carl Pei and changing their logo. They should probably chill out and stop worrying too much, because Xiaomi's reputation plateaued after redmi note 7, Huawei has lost their reputation and sold their brand. So that leaves OP as both the samsung and apple of china. Plus i love Linus, that's why i said what i did in sign language(he gets my meaning). Btw, their old logo was much more beautiful and elegant.

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