Joe and Briana Fight Over iPhone vs Android…

The age old debate…
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22 Replies to “Joe and Briana Fight Over iPhone vs Android…”

  1. SparkyAtThe SnackShack

    IPhones operating system is basicly Microsoft. Android is just that an operating system. You can not fault a operating system for marketing on a phone. Apple marekts its phone an the operating system is maybe a footnote in their strategy. Joe is right, there are phones out there that are way head in the game, but no one gives a shit because "ohhh look shiney!" and rather go with the devil they know then research better alternatives.

  2. Shannon Hibbard

    I agree with Joe. When I was in the market for a new phone my husband researched the crap out of phones and I ended up with an Honor 7X. I love this phone more than I loved my Note3 and I payed 200 bucks for the 7X. I don't regret it at all. I also have Cricket Wireless and I save hella money and have no issue with my service.

  3. Pandatrix

    Oh Briana, You sound like a 100 old lady…
    B: "I hate that ugly ass green text"
    Me: "just change it to another color"
    B: "it's too complicated"
    me: face palm

  4. bethfaceplays

    I have an Android for personal use and my work phone is an iPhone. I want to like the iPhone, but it is so not user friendly. I need the customization of Android. The iPhone does what I NEED it to by making phone calls, giving me directions (downloaded Google Maps for that), and getting emails.

    My Android is a $200 Motorola G6. It has dual lenses and does the f-stop thing too. It takes gorgeous photos. I can customize every aspect of it.

    That's the difference between Android and iPhone. iPhone is for people who just want basic bitch stuff. Android is for people who want to mess around with the technology and change things.

    I do think that Apple should change the fact that Android messages come in as green text. It's unnecessary.

  5. Tim Friday

    the idea that iphone is better because you have simple tastes is the fucking stupidest argument ever….you're going to spend more, because you DONT care about 'extras' when every android, and every phone in general, can call/text/websurf… if thats all u want it to do….you can get a phone that costs 50bucks that does that. brand new. no contract. thats not what it is. you feel fucking special with your expensive ass phone that makes you feel important. there is literally zero other reason. paying a lot makes you feel like you have a good product. period. nothing about iphones are better otherwise. literally nothing.

  6. Thomas Fisher

    Can I go on the internet? Can I take a picture? Can I text? I don't really care about a phone… now here's 1.5k a year every year, because even though I don't care, I have to have the new one

  7. Best In The Galaxy

    Think about where you are right now. No matter where you are, you're always here, on Earth. A rock with life on it. Orbiting a star. And that star is orbiting the Galaxy. And our Galaxy is cruising through the void on a crash course towards andromeda. And suddenly this realization puts into perspective how fucking pointless it is to debate about"which smartphone is better"

  8. Naerwyn

    Uhhh, who HASN'T heard about the Honor phones? Anyone doing the /smallest/ bit of phone research has heard of it… Better than just being told what over-priced phone to buy.

  9. James Bilson

    From all of the other videos I imagine Joe can be "the obnoxious one" of the DeFranco crew, but even as a full Apple fanboy I felt kinda bad for him when everyone was ripping into him for having an Android. Maybe the full podcast paints a different picture but from this vid alone, damn.

  10. Sam Chapa

    Personally, I've used both Android and iOS phones this year, I purchased a X then the S9 came out and I got that now I'm on a Xs.

    My experience with iPhone X and Xs. Zero unexpected technical difficulties. S9, multiple app closures, multiple handset crashes.

    I love both Android and iOS but sometimes just having something work is better than having something that's supposed to be better.

  11. Christian Koo

    Respect to Joe for actually using an Huawei phone. Also, they do realize that Android has a global market share of over 75%, while Apple is just a bit over 20% right? Seems liks nobody actually did any research on this aside from Joe. So there really is no need for them to do more advertisement.

    Also, isn't it ironic that Briana exemplifies the problem with Apple users. The "I don't give a shit about people's phones" but I won't date an Android user. Also it's a "trash phone." So much for consistency.

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