Joe Rogan – Apple vs. Android

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1126:

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  1. Anon 84

    Joe: There are only two mobile operating systems, Android and iOS.

    BlackBerryOS: Am I a fucking joke to you Joe!?

    Bada: Welcome to the Realm of the Forgotten.

  2. Corey Pattison

    It's a business. That's all. You're all getting played to make a business money. You didn't need this thing but they slowly sold you on the concept. You're all bored and uninspired. So you took to tv and phones so you wouldn't have to hear the lack of ideas in your head. Now extrapolate this idea to all of the other devices and things in your life and you will better understand what went wrong.

  3. yamaoka

    Who cares what os u use … its supposed to be for making a call , using messenger , listening to music , watching youtube videos , taking photos… every modern phone under 200-300€ can do it excellently , and u have good camera,good display,fast system…. people whining about their phones are people that are snobby materialistic crybabies who want to look cool , Oh look i have an Iphone for 1000€ + …guess what can it do ….same fucking thing every mobile phone has these days

  4. Michael Kimmings

    Apple and android never invented a thing. They did destroy a lot of industries though.
    We had :Phone's , Touch screens, camera, music, tv, video, maps, note pads, computers, torches, games,
    Not one new product.

  5. andy hunt

    Nevermind the fact that Apple got sued for stealing tech from Samsung. Obama actually pardoned them so they could resell the older models. Proving those campaign donations paid off

  6. SunsetRider

    I switched over to Android a year ago, and I never had to call anyone at all to take my email out of the iMessage database. I had zero problem receiving texts from anyone

  7. myfatassdick

    Ive had the iphone 5s since it came out jailbroken and it can do everything I need it to

    Block ads anywhere
    Download anything from anywhere (YouTube Pandora Spotify soundcloud torrents free apps free music)
    Transfer any file to or from my pc
    Customize anything
    Fingerprint lock apps or actions
    Custom gestures
    Custom themes I can make it look like a windows 7 computer or some futuristic space ship command center
    It still runs gta San Andreas I can also mod gta or any game because I can go into system files
    Screen record (although thats in the new update I could screen record on my ipod years ago)

    Theres just so much I can’t even name it all because im so used to it

    Also no viruses

  8. Brian P.

    Don’t be an idiot. If it were up to fucking roiders, you’d still have red and green hang Up/answer buttons, and “real” (grunt, grunt) keyboards.

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