Kids tell us which is better: an Apple or Samsung phone

Apple and Samsung are neck and neck in the smartphone wars. To see which company is in better position to take over as the clear-cut No. 1 smartphone maker, we asked the next generation of smartphone users which they prefer: the Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phones.


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39 Replies to “Kids tell us which is better: an Apple or Samsung phone”

  1. FNAF Adventures and more!

    I do not mean to offend any Apple users, but all of my friends who own Apple products have the slowest connection and I just can't take it. My Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is only slow when too much loading combines at the same time or if I use an app that takes too much space.

  2. Anchorbot23 Gaming

    Honestly whether you like apple or Samsung I’d you’re opinion Samsung has more users the iOS sense there are much more Samsung phones just because some kids like apple better doesn’t mean you should complain I think Samsung galaxy looks better then iPhones and the colors are better but this isn’t that much of a fuss over 9 year kids.

  3. The New adamb99

    BL Tech please can you make the same video in 2019 because samsung will win this video is old and samsung wasnt good but today apple is broken after making the note 9 and S9+

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