Lenovo K6 Power vs Xiaomi Redmi 3s Prime Battery Test

Xiaomi Redmi 3s and Lenovo K6 Power, both of them have good battery life, but which one is better? Would a full HD display on the K6 Power compromise on its endurance? Well let’s find out in our battery test of the Lenovo K6 Power with the Xiaomi Redmi 3s!

Xiaomi Redmi 3s Prime price in India : Rs 8,999
Lenovo K6 Power price in India Rs 9,999

Xiaomi Redmi 3s Prime Specs

Lenovo K6 Power specs

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46 Replies to “Lenovo K6 Power vs Xiaomi Redmi 3s Prime Battery Test”

  1. sk

    Dude I don't see any point in checking battery levels at 90 minutes. The difference at 90 minutes is not that big. (because both are 4000 mAh batteties).

    What possibly could have brought the real difference is when you would have run the test on both mobiles till it gets completely discharged.

  2. Sivanaga Varma

    do a test of 0 to 100% .clear winner winner will be 3s at least 30 to 45 minutes.for a budget of 10000 note 3 is best.both note 3 and k6 will give same backup but note 3 far powerfull

  3. Giridhar S

    can u please provide purchase links to quick chargers that are compatible with both phones? Afraid to choose myself and screw up the phones. Thanks in advance!

  4. Giridhar S

    very nice video. expecting one such video for the last 3 days. gives a very good idea about k6 power. cleared my doubt abiut whether 1080 display on k6 would drain the battery. now i can buy k6 power with ease, as i hate flash sales of xiaomi. tx so much.

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