Lenovo S5 VS Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 – SPEED TEST – Snapdragon 625 VS 636

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 vs Lenovo S5 speed and performance test, browser, apps, gaming, fingerprint scanner speed as well as ram management.
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In this video I am trying to figure out what phone is faster, the Lenovo S5 or the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5?

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37 Replies to “Lenovo S5 VS Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 – SPEED TEST – Snapdragon 625 VS 636”

  1. Rz_Dragunov

    Comparing not only better processor but higher RAM and storage? What is this?
    Why don't you grab a 4GB & 64GB of the Lenovo S5? Here in my country S5 scare the crap out of other brand in the same price bracket & yeah it's 4GB & 64GB variant & definitely cheaper than Note 5.

  2. Virgo113

    You have an actual time measuring tool at your disposal, you know? It's called FRAMES PER SECOND, instead of using your arbitrary "Oh I swear I tapped both at the exact same time" you can just record one at a time, edit in a timer in post and then show the result with absolute transparency and no bias.

  3. Jave

    Yo uso el Lenovo vibe K5 plus y a pesar de ser un equipo "viejo" me cuesta mucho trabajo deshacerme de él por muchas cualidades que tiene, excepto por sus limitante en la memoria interna (16 GB) y el SO (android 5.1). De pronto me encuentro que existe el S5 pero… para mi mala suerte no lo distribuyen en México y no es compatible con las redes 4G Lte. Por cierto, la mayor virtud que encontré en el K5 es la versatilidad para utilizar las 2 SIMS de manera simultánea

  4. 飛利浦

    Good that you compare finger print speed with a mirror (lot of reviewers just flip the phone back and forth). It would be more"scientific"to compare finger print speed by changing hands the second time.


    Just Ordered A N5 From China. I'm Surprised To Hear The Global ROM Does Not Come WIth The Theme Engine / Access..? Is This True Alex..?

  6. Vishal Giri

    u finally got the Note 5, r u using it right now?? it's an amazing device isn't it?? awesome comparison Alex, will be waiting for the full review of the Note5!!

  7. Rocky Go

    But at the end of the day… It's the overall performance… Who has better chip…camera… built quality…screen…value for money … a mere .5 sec opening apps will not matter for users… But still nice video

  8. Godfrey Ekele

    Good review Alex. I just want to suggest that when you're resting the fingerprint speed the second time, swap the phone (move the one on your right hand to the left and the left to your right hand).

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