Let's Talk About the Foldable Smartphone!

The Samsung Infinity Flex display. weird flex but ok

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29 Replies to “Let's Talk About the Foldable Smartphone!”

  1. John Sanabria

    The folding screen is under beta test and it's sick that these companies try to sell us beta folding screens it seems like they can't wait to make that money

  2. lovellybeauty

    Well it’s 11:51pm March 31st 2019….??‍♀️ Samsung made me like not having a bezel and button. They innovate and inspire, we will all have foldable phones one day forgetting that Samsung made it popular ? I still love my iPhone though

  3. Sam Markus Rus

    I like it (coming from seeing a newer version if that) because I'm 80%+ sure I will never buy a tablet because (I like to call it like that) it's the useless thing between phone a computer… it doesn't do any of that better (granted I haven't looked at tablets ever… .-.)
    With that I have a phone that i can turn into the "useless alternative" when i want a bigger screen… i like that…

    look at price
    . . . Shit

  4. Nebz 87

    Phone companies dont get it, i would like a phone that folds to half the size of what they are now not double the size. I Want something more portable and pocket friendly.

  5. Gmbazzx

    ok..this is the poof you don't want tecnology to get advanced…but only big brands like them samsung apple to get advanced ..
    a new company do anything better than samsun…you don't like it…but samsung folding design that is not practical in hands and using more power for 2 screen from battery and gyroscope is better in your opinion…you ain't a honest channel anymore
    like really everyone who tried Royalle hands on …said its really a nice design …and os is just too good to use..
    but on other hand samsung again don't want to uneviled total potentional of folding screen… their design is just so pathetic

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