LG G7 Complete Walkthrough

After all the LG G7 news that’s been posted across the web, the LG G7 is finally here.

The latest flagship device from LG the LG G7 Thinq (as it’s officially called) is LG’s latest attempt to save the LG G series. So, as is the usual here on my site, let’s try and do a complete unboxing video of the G7.

If you’re not familiar, a complete unboxing video on my site is a video where I try and go through every feature I can on a new piece of tech so you guys can be better informed should you decide you might want to go buy one.


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38 Replies to “LG G7 Complete Walkthrough”

  1. John Van Neil

    Bla Bla Bla these idiots do the same type of reviews that say nothing. We can all read about the specs in 2 min. Don't need a Vid for that. He's just looking for advertising money..Slouch. Anyone who knows LG or does a small amount of research knows all this.
    Explain and show speed , call and connection quality, real life battery, screen casting reliability.
    Bluetooth 5.0 options, AOD display, show all the theme options. How about actually using the phone.Ergonomics. After all it is a phone!!!!

  2. Kevin Whiting

    It was either the pixel 3 or the note 9 the G7 or the v40 I want the v40 just because it spoke to me I love the new OLED screen it's beautiful and it just tops the G7s…

  3. Larry Jones

    Nice detailed Review and Phone Demo, thanks
    BTW I am looking for a LG G7 One Review, will you make one soon, in a nut shell can you tell me what are the differences between the Camera App in G7 reviewed in this video and the G7 One? Many thanks.

  4. Stefan Kozovski

    Dear @TheUnlockr, Please tell me if the Cine-Log files are available without applied LUT, so I can grade them later. In some articles is said that the cine log is V series exclusive. I cannot see – save in LG-Cine-Log under the camera settings on g7 thinq. Also is it true that the cameras are recording in different bitrate? Thank you!

  5. Fadeel Jibrin

    I really enjoyed the video because you kept your personal opinions to yourself. More youtubers should take notes because they clearly don't understand what it means to be objective and review products. They tend to complain about the stupidest thing and also have extremely unrealistic expectations. Well done, subscribed!!!!

  6. ExO MaNia

    Thank you! This review was very helpful. Helped me decide to buy the L7 and made a great decision.. More power and God bless!
    P.S. i love my LG L7!

  7. Vicki Jeffers

    Thank you for going over the camera. Honestly this phone is smarter than I am sometimes. I've taken some beautiful photos and I'm not even using a third of the available features. I love my assistant. I find it reassuring to know that the LG built in apps are quite good. See you soon.

  8. Xeonite

    I've bought the phone a couple of weeks ago and so far I'm not impressed. It's not bad but isn't as good as other phones. The biggest problem is the selfie mode. The camera is acting great during day time but during the night time or places with dim lighting, the camera captures bad selfies and the "motion lag" is unbearable.
    Would not recommend.

  9. Pak Busu

    why is my Singapore version is aptly named " LG G7+ ThinQ " ?
    —–> G7+ . there's a plus +
    we in singapore dont get the red one .
    is it because mine has 128gb memory ?

  10. indigoal3n

    OMG They removed a lot of great modes along with some stupid ones yes, but like the 360 panorama is amazing on my G6! You basically take a VR type of shot of location you like, and I was able to share some amazing moments with my fiance, as it captures this, in Google Camera terms called Sphere Shot, and it grabs a few second sound clip of that moment and stitches it all together amazingly. My fiance has an iPhone, but LG has made a viewer for iPhone in a form of an app so my fiance can view those special 360 shots and other modes in their original format and quality as when I created them. I'm really gonna miss the 360 Panorama, but with the addition of Graphy – it's so amazing – basically you can download right through the cam app professional camera setups with all the details all done by professionals and for certain situations – I'm ready to compromise though I wish I could say more with less words lol, anyway, I'm really excited to upgrade. LG is the new HTC !!! Bravo LG!!!!!
    You the new King of smartphones!!!

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