LG G7 In 2019! (Still Worth It?) (Review)

Get The LG G7 Here ($328):
Get The Google Pixel 2 XL Here ($339):

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LG G7 ($328):
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The Galaxy S10 just came out a few weeks ago, and I’ve noticed the trend in prices is going down a bit more than expected!

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42 Replies to “LG G7 In 2019! (Still Worth It?) (Review)”

  1. Arthur Looby

    Heck even the LG G6 is even holding up very well in 2019. And I personally find the G6 the more attractive phone not having that notch unlike the G7.

  2. Jess

    I bought mine last summer. Do recommend
    Cameras: Great
    Speakers: Well above average
    Audio Jack: You know it
    DAC: Dope
    Aspect ratio: comfy
    Screen: Gorgeous
    Button layout: Sensible
    SD card: Present

    The only thing not to love is Android 9 hasn't rolled out yet (T-Mobile)

  3. Joshua Peter

    Does it really matter if the back of cellphones are made of plastic, or glass, or metal

    If 88% of people use a rubber or backing cover

    Thanks for the video

  4. JoeRieper

    Bought this today because I kinda wanted to get V30s but it was out of stock from the store so I got this and I am kinda excited. Just moving files from my G6 atm so haven't really got anything out of it yet. I dislike notch but otherwise I like it, I like notification led and I like placement of lot of thing like headphone jack and fingerprint scanner, but I dislike secondary camera as it is not as wide anymore and I dislike that they moved power button from back to side.

    Also why would anyone want to get Pixel 2 XL instead of this one? Of course the Oled screen looks bit better but lack of headphone jack and wide angle lense is really not worth bit better screen for me. Okay software is one part for sure, but at least I do prefer LG's software and older navigation scheme over shite gestures. Pixel 2 XL is cool tho with stereo speakers, but quad dac with hi-fi headphones sound so much better than any phone speaker setup will ever sound.

  5. Mark Cossman

    Old technology? Its not even a year old yet and they've already released 2 or 3 more phones. Thats the problem & your point. You can still get a premium phone thats less than a year old for half the price or more. I have the V30 & this phone does everything & more. I don't need an in screen finger print sensor. Its cool but not a need to have – as one example of one feature all the new phones are touting that isn't that big of a deal

  6. Rokas Anonimas

    I am extremely disappointed in this video and by Simple Alpaca… 1) I think this video makes no sense because it is extremely clear that it is a great purchase now because even if you would not take the price into consideration it is a very good phone because it is a good 2018 flagship but you can get a new LG G7 for less than 400 euros and that is a killer price…
    2) saying that you don't know if G7 will get Android Q seems like either sneaky hating on LG (because there is no doubt that G7 will get Android Q) or not knowing the basics of phone world [I doubt that] where flagships get 2 major software updates, so of course all flagships that got released last year will get Android 10…

  7. sn3192

    haha i got this one a month or so back. sorely needed a new phone and no one drops prices like lg! 😀 pair that with the DAC and headphone jack and i was sold

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