LG G7 ONE Review – Is PURE Android What We NEED?

The LG G7 Thinq is a good phone but it is now being relaunched as the more affordable LG G7 ONE, part of the Android One lineup. That means it runs a pure, unmodified version of Android without any wrappers or bloatware. This may be the best Android phone available right now since it’s also supposed to be pretty affordable.

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32 Replies to “LG G7 ONE Review – Is PURE Android What We NEED?”

  1. Francis M.

    Is this available in the philippines?
    And can you please make a video or review of any android one devices from nokia. 2018 line up. Not 2017 line up. Thanks and more power, views and subcribers. ????✌️

  2. Big C Conservative Guy

    I purchased the G7 One through Fido in Canada on Black Friday 2018. Immediately noticed there wasn't even a USB driver for it and no MTP mode, therefor no LG Support Tools, Bridge or PC Suite and no way to back the phone up except to Google Drive and even that was buggy as hell with the settings stalling every time you touched the photo back-up prefs, you would then have to force back out.
    Cyber Monday i called LG and they promised to have driver(s) released ASAP but to this date now, March 25 there are none and LG has now changed their tune and are blaming Google as the "One" OS is theirs so realistically there will likely never be a USB driver for the phone.
    In February no security update had appeared since the Jan1 release and LG said they would roll it into March which also has never appeared.
    So to any reasonable person it would appear that LG has simply abandoned the phone. I believe this is due to the One OS failing to hit big for the 2nd time now so they have just cut their losses on it and bolted.
    Long story short, I returned my G7 One to Fido last week after dealing with them in retentions and finally with the corporate head office. I walked away with only the bad experience as Fido thankfully took the phone back, got me into a different phone (Galaxy S8) and I wasn't out of pocket a dime. The S8 destroys the G7 One in performance as well. 2 games I regularly play, CSR Racing 2 and Asphalt 9 could not play at full settings on the LG without stuttering and stammering however the S8 plays them fine at max resolution and fps.

    the LG G7 One is a huge failure by any standard and I would advise anyone even thinking about it to steer well clear!

  3. kari carbajal

    I wished I knew a lot about tech/phones bc I've had zero luck with phones. I just want a phone without hella useless apps I gotta disable… A nice camera bc I love having photoshoots with my cats and I. I just use it for social media tbh. AaaaAh but this phone sounds so lovely. I miss my G4 but it pooped on me… Got a shit G5 and I regret getting this replacement until my refund hits.

  4. Robin L

    I don't quite get the fuss about the software, what lg needs to address is their battery life. That hella tall phone with that bright screen with just 3000 mah battery is soo bad. What's the point of a 3 year updates if your battery capacity diminishes overtime. They missed that chance with the v40. They could've gone for bigger battery capacity like 3500-4000 mah. Gsmarena test results only resulted in 64 hours of endurance test. That so bad for lg's image if they even trying to crawl their way up to the top again.

  5. heciluss

    So what exactly is android one? I can tell you it ain't from Google because the oems control the updates and phones along with the carriers, plus I see some very small differences from the Google stock Android. I see a lot of people getting excited over it.

  6. Fadlul Faris

    Average consumers doesn't care about stock android as long as it looks pretty and runs smoothly… Reviewers (and their followers) are the only one making a big deal out of it

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