LG G7 Review [Part 2]: ThinQ Different

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[LG G7 Review]

The LG G7 is tough to wrap my brain around, even given the space of two videos in which to do it. On the one hand, the G7 packs some truly compelling differentiators: the old reliable wide-angle camera on the back; the new Boombox speaker system rumbling away beneath the Raspberry Rose paint; the return of both IP68 ingress protection and MIL-STD 810G ruggedization. On the other hand, it’s shaved off some battery in the transition from the previous generation; traded OLED for LCD; and sacrificed the G6’s distinctive look and feel for a just-another-notched-phone aesthetic that’s fine … but really no more than that.

So is it worth your money? That all depends on what the price tag says when it comes to US carriers in June. I do some speculating in that department at the end of Part 2 – but until then we’ve got a lot of impressions to cover, from the offset earpiece to the still-there headphone jack. Join me for MrMobile’s two-part LG G7 review, stretching from the shores of Jeju Island to the back alleys of Google I/O!


LG G7 Review Part 1:



MrMobile’s LG G7 Review Part 2 was produced following an additional two weeks with a second LG G7 review device provided by LG (after several days with a separate G7 review unit for Part 1). The device was a preproduction unit running prerelease software.

This video was filmed in part at LG Science Park, Seoul and on Jeju Island in South Korea, for which LG covered transportation and lodging as part of its Spring 2018 media tour.

MrMobile’s LG G7 Review Part 1 is available at /theMrMobile on YouTube.


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29 Replies to “LG G7 Review [Part 2]: ThinQ Different”

  1. Emmanuel Caracassis

    I now own the LG G7 thinq for over 6 months and I'm really enjoying this device…. Picture quality is great I like the Google assistant button and the boom box sound is terrific


    Again thinQ for taking your time for G7. an IR blaster would have been nice in this phone like V20. LG should improve it's distribution in south India EG my city Salem, Tamil Nadu

  3. Shawn A

    This guy alters his cadence way too much in an attempt to sound sophisticated. Just communicate like a normal human being people can relate to…

  4. MadO

    i hate holding a smartphone to my ear, I feel like its roasting my brain with all that juice pumping through it. Speaker phone ftw

  5. Prateek Gupta

    I have had an LG G7+ ThinQ since the last 5 Months but based on your views doe Camera, I think the camera takes the worst photos ever. I would appreciate it if you could help me with where at LG could I complaint about this.

  6. Christopher Smith

    Speaking of bucking trends, since LG still uses LCD on this phone, one way it could stand out from the premium smartphone market is by offering a 120hz display…high end phones with oled screens, at least right now, don't seem to have the option to offer that. Yes yes, Razor and some other few phones offer it, but none of them is as good at being a phone as the G7 (or G8 this year) is.

  7. Christopher Smith

    Michael! The biggest problem with this phone (price) has been solved, at least temporarily, as it is available unlocked right now at Walmart.com for $400. Pretty good deal for Android users (of which I am not one, unfortunately).

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