LG G7 – The Phone I WANT to Love

LG G7 ThinQ review is coming but here are some early thoughts on the device. It has some of the best smartphone hardware in 2018 but the notch feels unnecessary to me.

LG G6+ on sale –

With a Snapdragon 845, a stunning 6.1″ QHD LCD screen, dual camera system with a wide angle lens, 3000 mAH battery, Boombox speakers and a high quality Quad DAC, the LG G7 delivers one of the best phone expereinces on the market in 2018.

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46 Replies to “LG G7 – The Phone I WANT to Love”

  1. Dave Lee

    The phone has nice features but… I dunno about the notch. It doesn't suit LG with this hardware. Thanks for watching!
    (P.S. the OTHER G7 video is just around the corner. needs longer thermal testing)

  2. MrJacalhoun30

    I've owned every G phone since the Optimus G. With the exception of the G5. I went with the Galaxy S7 that year. Currently using my G6 still. LG phones are the best.

  3. Pure Seven

    I just bought this LG g7 think and sold it a week later I live the phone but the only reason why sold it was cuz it was too small,. Other than that I love it !

  4. wubieful

    Can't wait to see your review! I just bought this phone a few days ago and am so far loving it. I don't mind the notch as time, notifications etc is up there

  5. jared

    I just got the g7 yestserday and its amazing its not as fast as mayby and iphone 8 plus or x but it has an ovbiouse better screen and sound

  6. Michael McHale

    Looking for good reviews on the V35 ThinQ and came across your review of G7. I'm just like you I have love hate relationship with LG it started with G2 and the G Flex and then the V20 and G6. I feel like the G6 felt way better in the hand than the V35 which is just a variation for AT&T over the G7. I'm worried this phone will become "glitchy" like every other LG I've had. The definition of insanity. ?

  7. Dave A

    Wide Angle Cam, Quality DAC, Headphone Jack, Great Speaker, Super bright screen option, SD Card, FM Radio, Waterproofing, Great Build Quality (MIL-STD-810G compliant) Bluetooth 5, Fingerprint Scanner, Wireless Charging… ticks so many boxes, great job LG.

  8. João Vitor Rodrigues

    When the notch is hidden, I don't think is a bad thing, because you gain some space up there, by removing the status bar. Now, if there wasn't a way to hide it, it would be really bad, I personally hate it.

  9. Judas410

    LG G5: 135° Wide angle lens
    LG G6: 125° wide angle lens
    LG V30: 120° wide angle lens
    LG G7: 107° Wide angle lens???
    LG G8: 85° WAL
    LG G10: 45° WAL …..you get the idea..

  10. sasch bresemann

    I do understand when people have opinions about notches but if you can hide it why complaining. ? I love the notch it makes the screen more seemless and it looks like it's all screen the little bezel at the bottom doesn't bother me too much because I notice the issue for myself that I don't know how to hold the phone when I have small bezel like the OnePlus 6 the screen looks huge with the notch and I love it why complaining about more screen reeal estate especially with a nice wallpaper that just looks much better than without black bar. On top of the screen only my thoughts of course I do respect that everyone has their own preferences but me personally I love it.

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