LG G7 ThinQ: 4-Month Review

A long-term review of the LG0-G7 ThinQ after 4 months and what the LG V-40 ThinQ has to offer

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28 Replies to “LG G7 ThinQ: 4-Month Review”

  1. Nick Arent

    I have this phone. And I have been disappointed. If it released at $500 I could not complain much but it didn't. I don't like the camera it takes pretty poor pictures. It's slowed down so much sense I have got it. It shutters a lot. I do like the DAC and also the wide angle camera idea but the quality of the pictures are bad. I don't like LGs skin either. I won't get another LG for a wile.

  2. Kirk Hutchins

    I got my G7 not 2 wks after release. It was almost $800, but found a deal thru Best Buy were if I activated thru them(no additional cost!) for $450! Which at the time was cheaper than the G6 was going for. Best sound ever with head phones or without hands down. The display is amazing and the brightness boost is a great bonus. Camera is good, but you better off using the manual settings. UI/ software are ok. Only thing I don't like is the keyboard/input. Great smart phone, love it better than my Galaxy S5 and S7.

  3. Simon TV

    The glass back realy puts me off LG, even though I like the audio features. LG also has smaller batteries and no OLED. However the price is a bit more reasonable than competition with OLED.

  4. Kurt Foy

    So far I'm loving it for the audio. This pulled me over to Android, although, I find the app quality to be inferior to Apple. For the money, this is a win me. I will stick with LG as long as they don't approach iPhone/Galaxy prices. I have never relied on a phones battery alone and always use a battery case to supplement it. Imo, this is still the best phone for an audiophile.

  5. Vinny Bruce

    I agree mine is cracked too spider web I think that was a bad idea to put it a gorilla glass 5 on the back of the phone because of course it's going to get crack and I think they're on crack for doing it thanks LG also I hope they don't do the same thing with the next LG G series flagship phone for 2019 they should have just left the back solid like the G6

  6. JSantana319

    I'm really enjoying my V30 and I'm waiting for the V40 with the larger display. The audio on my V30 has me spoiled, lol. I'm sure the V40 will have the speaker setup of the G7 so the audio will be even better.

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