LG G7 ThinQ: First 10 Things to Do!

We’re still a bit from the official launch of the LG G7 ThinQ, but if you’d like to have a head start for when you pick up this device, we’re giving you the first 10 things to do. We’ll go over setting up the audiophile goodness with the HiFi Quad DAC, Smart Lock, customizing the Second Screen (aka The Notch), plus a lot more.

We’ll have more LG G7 tips and tricks later, along with our G7 review, but this should get you off to a solid start.

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  1. john g

    I just got the LG G7 today. Could you do a simple video on the LG G7 explaining some of the basic settings and most common used features of the phone and how to use them? Thanks, John

  2. Antonio Ribera

    great tips on G7… coming from a galaxy note 3, I am totally blown away by all the new features out there now. The G7 is bit pricey in my opinion, maybe im wrong? but, Tmobile offered buy one second free so went for it. so far, best phone ive ever owned. anyone else agree this phone is awesome?

  3. MechanicalMonkey84

    I hate how Verizon crippled this phone by not allowing lg's theme store or other customizations from lg … we get 2 themes and have t download ones made by random people on play store.., and I'm real sick of us companies always want and get the lowest ra, edition …kora made 4gb and a 6gb everywhere else got the 6gb USA got 4gb… they both cost the same about … so us companies can force people to upgrade often as 4gb on the latest versions of android is just not enough… my g7 always has half a gig or less most of the time of available ram all the rest of 3.5gb is in use… 6gn should be minimum … I hate version and all the us companies for pushing the lowest grade model on us for the same price as the highest grade version…, Korea on,y makes a 4gb for USA why else would they if they both cost the same l.l who's gonna chose the 4gb version and pay the same price makes no sense except for extortion and making people upgrade more when phone starts lagging from apps running in background and hardly any available ram ..I just got a g7 for 265 open box., but the store I hit it at has a v40 sprint they said I unlocked for any carrier and it's 350$ I'm debating returning the g7 for the v40 just never heard of a sprint unlocked for Verizon

  4. NobleCrow10

    Some people on this forum are ready to surrender S7 for G7. Of course they would, because G7 competes with S9, not S7.

    I have S8 from work and purchased G7 for myself. So I could compare both side by side. They both have 3000 mAh battery. When in the idle mode, the battery loose energy with equal speed of about 30% a day on both phones. However, they might silently spend energy on downloading the security software updates.

    When at operation, I got first impression that Galaxy S8 is spending battery slower than LG G7, but I have to do more accurate test to confirm. If my impression is correct it should not be a surprise because S8 is of 5.8" size while G7 is of 6.1" size screen. Also S8 has AMOLED screen which consumes less energy than LCD screen of LG G7. G7 screen is about 1/4" (6mm) longer and about 1 mm wider than S8. I prefer flat G7 display over S8 one with a curved edges. In addition, flat screen is better protected by the protection case since it is below the protection screen edge, while the curved screen of S8 is almost flash with the protection screen long edges.

    Sound good on both phones. Speed of charging is the same.


    The phone is good but I hate a few things. I do mean hate. The camera sucks. Period. If the conditions aren't perfect the picture isn't good. Especially if you zoom. Notifications settings aren't as good as even my old SSo.If I miss a call my notification sounds 3 times. 1 for missed call 1 for visual voicemail and 1 for regular voicemail. I've gotten it down to only two. The contextual settings aren't good and will confuse the bluetooth easily.

  6. José Andrés Montero Rojas

    Add a fingerprint? Thanks! I totally didn't know that, I totally just ignore the first set up instrucctions when they tell you to add your fingerprint… Man, I was hopping for at least one useful tip.
    I guess this video is made for other kind of people

  7. jasminemunoz7

    When you swipe down on home screen were it shows conversations, most used apps, frequent contacts, etc. On my phone if you swipe down it doesnt show all that anymore why is that ?

  8. jet

    Pls help understand this phone : 1) it runs on Google – I don't like Google handling all my calls, calendars, contacts, etc. (we know how they violate our privacy) – is there a way that my data (contacts, SMS, photos, calendars, etc) be through the phone, instead of Google? 2) why am I seeing 2 choices of "contacts" when I'm creating it? 3) what are the disadvantages/advantages of LG Smartworld? Thanks for your knowledge.

  9. Tony Bednarchick

    First thing to do is buy anything but a LG product, pure trash, had a g6 that I had to send in for repair 4 times in 13 months and now it totally died, I can't say enough bad about LG, I hope they all get the swine flu or something for selling such junk, there support is as useless as the sub par products!!! It's like buying a big problem!!! Die LG!!!

  10. Pranav Patel

    @Droid Life in Nova Launcher the notch remains same in home screen even after removing it… in settings it removes… but in home screen the notch remains as it is…. Any solution ?

  11. Stealth Cat

    Please Help if you can How do you disable the lock screen. I went into the menu and tried everything but everything having do do with the screen password/lock there is no option I can find to disable it! Thanks in advance for your help!!

  12. Rayshell Daniels

    I love this phone but noticed i dont have some of the icons …for instance in the extension setting there's nothig for turning off the Wi-Fi when I'm at home?..p.s. What is this notch thingy everyone is so worked up over?

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