LG G7 ThinQ Full Review: Wide Camera, Big Sound, Bright Screen!

LG’s early 2018 flagship has a super-tall screen, a roading boombox speaker setup, a 1000-nit screen and an upgraded wide-angle camera. Alex has our full review of the LG G7 ThinQ!

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35 Replies to “LG G7 ThinQ Full Review: Wide Camera, Big Sound, Bright Screen!”

  1. Sidian

    Way for LG G7 to stand out – keep the headphone jack. One of the major reasons why I decided to go with the G7 rather than any other

  2. dazza

    don't be fooled people in what he said LG g6 has an excellent screen with amazing colours .I have it ,and have the blue Lg g7 on order.

  3. BenjaminLee2009

    i'm on my 5th month on this phone and i have zero regrets getting it. it has everything that i need in 2018, and then some. for eg. google asst. i don't need it, but, it's there to tell me a joke or two when i have 0 friends and i can turn it off if it mocks me for my lack of friends annoys me too much.

  4. JapanForSale

    Even when it was $550 out the door at Best Buy last month I still didn't move on it.

    At the $500s midpoint, get a 1+6 or Zenphone5z. At the $700-800 point, get an S9+ or Sony. Anything over that is foolish, but Apple has great build quality and support, so go for that.

    At no point in the price spectrum is an LG a better buy than its competition.

  5. carlos de leon

    Unsure if i should make this my new phone or Mi 8 by xiaomi they're both on the same price range (wish the 1+6 was too, but basic version is 900$ in my country)

  6. New Life TV

    No camera is perfect out their. G7 a killer phone. Better than phones in the likes of OP6. Alex why you don't talk about the notification option available.

  7. matt x

    Just purchased my g7 for $500 which I've gotten rid of my iPhone which got boring. Super happy on my g7 and not looking to go back to iPhones .

  8. oRIZinal beatz

    Floss said the camera is A1 on the g7 and he said compared to the one plus 6 this is a much better buy. This review makes people turn away from LG which isn't cool.

  9. naik rasta

    LG G7 is best phone. To buy or check price click below link
    6.1" QHD+ 19.5:9 FullVision Super Bright Display (3120 x 1440 / 564ppi)
    64GB/4GB + MicroSD slot (Up to 2TB)
    16MP+16MP (Wide angle) rear camera + 8MP front-facing camera | Super bright camera with AI and display
    Dual Sim model | Google Assistant physical button
    Please note, this is an international version of the phone, that comes with no warranty in the US. It will work with most GSM carriers throughout the world. It does not support CDMA networks (Sprint, Verizon, Boost, etc.)

  10. Dan Saghin

    not an accurate review, I can tell that you either did`n`t spend much time with it or you are biased towards other brands… I am out of here

  11. Marc Davis

    This is evrything that LG should have done with the G6 2017 model ..LG came out with so so many crappy excuses last year for the G6 Model . basily LG screwed up with the G6 . The LG G6 was more of a 2016 model than a 2017 .

    This LG G7 is bang upto date with relevant specs for 2018 why why why did LG fail so so badly with the G6 ?? Gets me yet LG TV department last year 2017 SJ range was the very best out their …as I own a LG SJ model my self .No consistency their .

  12. E M

    How could a phone reviewer not know about LG's custom nav bar buttons, LIKE THE NOTIFICATION DROP DOWN BUTTON!!!! Maybe that could solve the reaching to the top of the screen problem for you?!? And maybe turn off the background music while attempting to showcase the sound from the phone. Terrible review.

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