LG G7 ThinQ Long Term Review – How is it Holding Up?

LG G7 ThinQ Review after 6 Months!
This is our long term video review of the LG G7 ThinQ. This phone’s release date was June, 1, 2018. How has it been holding up? How are the cameras? How is it performing? Let’s find out.

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22 Replies to “LG G7 ThinQ Long Term Review – How is it Holding Up?”

  1. Suparno Banerjee

    The price has dropped to 400dollars in India… Should I buy it?… I know the phone is a beast but I worry about the software experience as I am a stock android user

  2. Jiseph Fogel

    So do u know when the g7 will be getting android pie? This phone is awesome but I know it will be so much more when it gets it. I can't wait. I had the phone for 4 months n got it for 80 bucks. I was gonna get this phone or the s9. I make music so I went for this phone. I have no complaints and the boom box speaker is awesome and the quad dac is second to none. The display is great even tho it's lcd and the phone fits perfectly in the hands. Owe n the camera is nice too. Pics r great in light but there okay in low light. This phone is a beast. Soon I will get the g8 or v40.

  3. MechanicalMonkey84

    When you use AI camera mode you have to click the little logo of whatever the AI says it is and than you will get more options! Why do no reviewers understand this.. It's so obvious and simple lol… Click AI mode on and than when you see something in the bottom left corner pop up CLICK IT and you will have options to tune the picture before taking it

  4. Vinny Bruce

    It seems like that was the dumbest idea when it comes with two class front and back with the LG G7 the G6 was a lot stronger and didn't crack in the back

  5. Nico

    lg G7 is 375€ in Italy and the V30 is 345€…i don't know what to buy between the two. I don't like the notch but for a difference of 30€ the G7 has a more recent hardware. I want to buy a lg because is the only mark that dropped the price to normal on their phones. Even Huawei and Honor now cost to much and a samsung s7 cost as much as a Lg G7 so fuck them… android version of Apple.

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