LG G7 ThinQ | One Month Later

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J. Williams
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Pflugerville, TX 78691

39 Replies to “LG G7 ThinQ | One Month Later”

  1. Lou Dryka

    Bought the G7 and had to return it since it doesn't have all LTE bands for ATT. Had 0 service where my wife had 5 bars on her pixel. And I bought the US version. Went and got the V40 since ATT had $350 off with a trade in. Traded in an old iphone 5 I had laying around

  2. Jason Rasmussen

    It's a great phone. Camera and video is astounding. 4k 60fps! Only complaint is the dedicated Google button I wish wasn't there and sadly can't reassign it to something like the camera.

  3. Stephen Ross

    Sir, that screen and sound are amazing! For only one speaker I thought it would be garbag! Samsung too saturated, cartoon like and unrealistic. How's the battery life & LG sking? Pathetic and bloated or not bad?

  4. Kodjo Swole

    I'm contemplating on getting the G7, V35, S9, Note9 and or the V40. I'm currently still using the V20 and I love it. I think LG makes the most user friendly phones.

  5. blackistheword7

    Went and got this phone today j. Will. Niiiiiice! Super loud speaker and Super bright screen. Smooth like butter. Great buy and the priced dropped on tmo. I should've gotten this awhile back, but better late than never. Good look ✊

  6. SleightOfHand

    In regards to this being a good phone that nobody is buying, I'm not a marketing expert but I think LG would do well to advertise. Apple and Samsung take to the airwaves and let people know about their new phones. Maybe I missed it but I never saw one commercial for the G7 (or any of the iterations of the V series, for that matter). Of course people can walk into a Verizon store or Best Buy and find the G7 but marketing does go a long way and if it weren't for videos like this I would walk into a Best Buy and not give the G7 a look because there is no marketing buzz around it.

  7. sivaperumal sivakumar

    Can you compare the two cameras extensively with native camera app and google cam? I find my g7+ shoots far more appealing pics with google cam but one app for normal angle and one app for wide angle is cumversome.

  8. Nicholas Brooks

    Jay, quick question. The LG G7 ThinQ it's on sale for $570 unlocked. Should I buy it or wait for the OnePlus 6T? What would you do? BTW I would use it on T-MOBILE. Thanks

  9. richardson lorestal

    You almost make me buy this phone, because everything you said about it is true: sound quality,headphone jack and beside samsung, LG is one of the rare company who give you everything (wireless charging,headphone jack) and no notch. but the scars that i had in the pass, the bootlooping issues with the G4 are way too deep and i'm not ready to move on.But u did a pretty good job on this one, i can respect that.

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