LG G7 ThinQ review

Packed with dual rear cameras, a notch and a Google Assistant button, the G7 is a fine phone — but is it good enough to overtake its competitors?
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23 Replies to “LG G7 ThinQ review”

  1. northlander

    Samsung and Apple are wearing kind of thin if you ask me , i stepped up to the LG G7 from the LG G6 and i would never go back to Samsung … this CNET review is crap are they being paid by Samsung ??

  2. Santiago

    G7 is an amzing phone this review was looking more the "bad" things then good i switched from Samsung to lg and im liking this phone better. Btw battery lasts all day and I do alot of youtube and music so i call bullshit on the battery life

  3. Larry Wong

    This was not a good review. No mention of the quad DAC, headphone jack, wide angle lens, etc. This is no average phone, it's quite Superior to a lot of other phones in the market.

  4. Brandon Lottenez

    I own this device and it's not impressive at all. It's like hyundai thinking they can box with a Lexus. I don't like LG UX and lack of native themes. Where my Samsung I can download plethora of various themes. No stereo speakers and not fond of iPhone notch right in middle of screen.

  5. Scott Miller

    Funny that the G7 gets bashed here for not standing out more. She keeps comparing it to the S9, which does nothing to stand out from it's predecessors or the competition for that matter. I guess all other phones have to top the Galaxy line or they are just irrelevant.

  6. Jeck Burlaos

    The battery is unimpressive because it can only play videos continuously for 12.5hrs? Lol, you must be kidding.. that is way too much already for lots of people! Not much of android phones out there in the market can do such thing. Now I can tell that CNET has a biased review there, this is my first time watching a phone review from you guys and I just got disappointed. ??

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