LG G7 ThinQ Review: Bright, Loud, and Smart.

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The LG G7 ThinQ brings a Super Bright Display, AI features, and a loud speaker but are they enough to garner the G7 the attention it deserves? Find out in our full LG G7 review!

Note: typo in the display resolution at 3:05, should be 1440 x 3120.

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44 Replies to “LG G7 ThinQ Review: Bright, Loud, and Smart.”

  1. Don Morelock

    The only reason I would purchase Samsung over LG was for the Note series and Samsung Pay (because it works everywhere unlike apple pay which I can't find anywhere except cvs for it to work). I also bought Samsung because I prefer bigger screens, LG like the G5 and G6 were smaller, the V-series a little larger but the camera never seemed up to Samsung. Now with the G7 down in price, I went out to look at one tonight and compared to the S9 Plus (don't like the new S10, no more notification light among other issues I have with it). The LG G7 actually looked more upscale to me over the S9 Plus when I held them both, although I was surprised how narrow the G7 is, I prefer wider phones without a curve (Samsung, please lose the curve screen). I think I may just buy the G7 tomorrow in the gray silver color.

    Forgot to say, I really liked your review a lot!

  2. jose Maria lezcano

    Hi Lanh, I like your review on the G7. I am about to upgrade and I have a dilema. On the one hand, I can get the G7 for $405. On the other hand, I can get the Huawei mate 10 pro for $335. The logic is simple, the Huawei is cheaper and pack with power, but the Lg G7 is a marverllous device. What is your advice?

  3. shadymike88

    should I go for this or the upcoming 1+6T? the oneplus will be slightly costlier, i think. my priorities are camera, premium looks, battery life…

  4. Lance Raiford

    LG is absolutely the best bang-for-buck phone available, and has been for a few years. Not sure why they don't get more love. My V20 has been trouble free for 2 years, and just bought my daughter the ThinQ (could not bring myself to get her an iPhone).

  5. Anton Nochovnyy

    Awesome phone! I'll prefer it all other for his, first of all, sound. Everything else is almost the same. I really want only a good sound quality player and didn't want to pay more for something that I'll never use. So, this phone is a good choice for someone who think the same.

  6. rxxny bngtn

    I can't understand the "battery" thing. Can someone explain it to me? For those who'll reply to explain, THINQ. And on the other hand, for those who'll reply just to say how dumb I am, IDGAF. I'm a human. I'm not perfect but I'm proud of who I am and I love all of my flaws, shortcomings, and imperfections. Either way, this phone is great!

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