LG G7 ThinQ – Things You NEED To Know Before Buying!

The LG G7 has been everywhere lately but is this smartphone worth your money? Today we take a look at the LG G7 Thinq

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36 Replies to “LG G7 ThinQ – Things You NEED To Know Before Buying!”

  1. Lonnie Odom

    I am disappointed in my G7 really on one matter that I was assured that my phone had when I bought it and it doesnt. WIRELESS QI CHARGING, NONE EXISTING

  2. Quest Physics

    LG screwed up on G7 and v40 by moving the location of the auio jack from top to bottom. Its very hard to position the phone to watch videos when your at the gym doing cardio. LG put it back to the top of the phone!!

  3. bezerker99

    I loved my LG G3. Bought an LG G6 and loved it until it started overheating and restarting randomly. For 6 months I had to wirelessly charge it because it kept telling me there was moisture in the charging port. Also, my G6, the phone would sweat it would get so hot. Not sure what I did to make it act so terribly. It's by far the worst phone I've ever had. So I'm hesitant to get it's successor, the G7. I'm thinking of getting an LG V40 ThinQ over the LG G7.

  4. The_Jammy

    good phone but mine has terrible signal compared to my old S7 edge. on the same exact network as before. S7 used to get 4G in some places whilst the G7 only got H. H+. The camera can take either good pictures or fucking weird ones. I feel like I have downgraded from my S7 edge. however the speaker is amazing the hifi dac makes a massive difference and improves sound quality in the car with AUX.

  5. Erin West

    Just bought one of these in the beautiful metallic grey finish. Form factor is reasonable in 2019 considering some of the Goliath handsets already available. To preserve the case I bought a semi-ruggedised Ringke Fusion clear case which allows the phones beauty to shine and while also providing reinforce corner protection. The subtle textured dot matrix feel of the case is easier to grip, so ideally less likely to slip out of your hand and drop.

  6. Shawn A

    Just got the G7. Blown away by the battery life and the display. Anyone concerned about the size of the battery shouldn't be, it's an extremely efficient phone. The screen uses 30 percent less energy than the G6 and it blows away my previous phone (Note 4) in terms of battery life….

  7. Journey

    I just ordered my G7 Thinq and got it for $375 because I opened a new line with Verizon so they gave me $375 off of the $750 price tag. Super excited!

  8. neveragain

    WHO can answer these things for me?? How LOUD is the single speaker? I know it has DAC on the headphone which is an awesome feature. I've had many phones with really weak speakers even on highest setting. Does this have WiFi calling capability (or is that carrier specific)? I'm concerned over LG's lack of firmware and Android OS updates as well. AND LG? If you're listening– WHY does India get 6gb Ram and 128gb memory on the G7+ yet all we get is the 4gb/64gb setup here? I'd love the G7+ but that means no warranty here in the USA thru LG.

  9. Dylan Ranville

    I disagree with the camera's criticism. I travelled through out Beautiful Canada this last year and took AMAZING SHOTS! the filters added some great magic and gave really deep atmosphere to certain shots. The hifi quad dac was most useful when using a quality aux cord in my car. My subs (2×12's)sounded like 15's! The customization was beautiful and over all this is a music lovers dream phone! (Bare in mind I have no comparison) this is the phone I went with and have been super happy with it! I broke the curved portion of the last THREE samsungs! So i gave up.
    LG G7! Solid! Amazing….? No… But as a musician it also records loud video spectacularly! Aaaaaaand does get marred by wind. Another win over samsung. Drawbacks!? The screen's a little bright and tires my eyes out quick especially playing pubg. And the interface is annoying (sometimes). There are just too many steps to do a simple thing ei: changing a setting or preforming shotcuts. Its a tiny bit slower to jump from one task to another in oppertune moments and can leave you saying aaaaaaawwwwww! Just missed it… Lol but! Great device! Worth the cash feels like a flagship:)

  10. Kyle Lopez-Vito

    Just install the Google Camera APK on this and watch the G7 spank the newer flagships when it comes to photos. And the wide angle camera is something you never knew you needed, especially when travelling. Battery life sucks though and I'm unsure if they've fixed the image retention issues. My old LG V20 started having some image retention 1 year into ownership. Had to use screen dimmer at 80% to get rid of it. It makes the display dimmer so it was annoying. But otherwise no regrets with LG's flagships. Also have a Note 9 since I use the S-pen frequently. But I still use my LG for taking pictures, video and playing music.

  11. J V

    Battery life, or did I miss the comment? My V20 is great but EATS batteries, I carry a spare and luckily its easy to swop batteries on the go 🙂

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