LG G7 vs LG V30 Speed Test, Displays, Speakers & Cameras! ?

LG G7 ThinQ vs LG V30 Speed Test, Display, Speakers & Camera Test!

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23 Replies to “LG G7 vs LG V30 Speed Test, Displays, Speakers & Cameras! ?”

  1. Francisco Guevarra

    Just bought the G7 second hand, mint condition for only 270€ and V30s for 309. I used to have the original V30 and I loved that phone man.. I wanted the extra 6gb ram and 128gb but G7 is so fast. Cant really decide which one to take back, I think i will keep the G7. Hard decision lol.. I'll wait for second hand v40 or G8 instead.

  2. John Van Neil

    HaHaHa ,how about finding someone to do this review that does NOT mumble…..
    There are major problems with this phone, i returned mine.
    The V30 has a very low brightness levels, whites look dull, yellowish, even slightly red. Screen casting is weak constantly losing the 45MB data signal. HMI- video out does not work , it gives notifications its
    connected/disconnected and just wont stay connected, battery life is disappointing. Now i know why HMI is not enabeled on the ATT V35.
    The LGV20 is the great LG phone to own everything works reliably well on my V20 , it never disappoints.

    Stay away from the V30 and V35

  3. praveen karegar

    which one should I buy I'm a hard-core Gamer I play games alot at high graphic settings,, so I want a beast performance and good battery is there much battery Time difference between g7 and v30 ?and how many hours of pubg with Max settings g7 ?please reply

  4. The Wheel Buddies

    Is the Battery of the G7 as bad as everyone say? Because then I think about buying the V30 next month?
    edit: I currently have an 3 years old LG G5 (worse camera than V30???) and don't wanna pay more than 400 for a new one…

  5. Tommy Gun

    V30 have the Snapdragon 835 processor, while the LG G7 has the Snapdragon 845 processor. So the G7 is an upgrade in pure processing performans.

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