LG G7 VS LG V35 In 2020! (Comparison)

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25 Replies to “LG G7 VS LG V35 In 2020! (Comparison)”

  1. Suck my toes hoe

    what u think about V30? should i get it? i heard its little sluggish on android 9 and i wanna know if its the case with u too and hows battery holding up in 2020? i want to buy V30 and more i know the better

  2. Mosyafi

    Hii!! (URGENT) could you please suggest to me, which one is the best sot/battery life between lg v35 and lg g7? Which one is got more battery life when playing pubg/mobile mmorpg? And lastly which one more long lasting with update etc2..

  3. Jöergen

    i had a slight framedrop while playing pubg mobile on my LG V35 korean version w/ Snapdragon 845 on android 9.0 . issit a hardware problem or software problem? bcos I've seen people play pubgm w/ snapdragon 845 and theres no framedrop. why its like that?

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