LG G8 Vs LG G7! (Quick Comparison) (Impressions)

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The LG G8 was just released, so lets see how it compares to the LG G7!

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28 Replies to “LG G8 Vs LG G7! (Quick Comparison) (Impressions)”

  1. saysbadman

    I like the ips screen better! Oled will look better, BUT I crack phone screens. Ips screens will be cheaper to replace plus they wont degrade over time like oled.

  2. Awesome guy

    Lg g8 is an upgrade. Better cameras, drastic jump in processing power, oled display, dual stereo with indisplay speakers, tof sensor for the fingerprint gestures, and a proper face id that is simlar to Apple's. Just wait a few months and it'll cost $600

  3. Tickle Fingers

    I thought my V20 panel was way better than my V30 oled. THE V20 was the best phone I've ever owned. I hope the V50 is even worth an upgrade. I also have a GOOD and I think the screen is better than the V30 as well.

  4. Mr Comer

    My G7 is still on Oreo so the same is going to happen with G8 when the new system update release.. If your not worried about system update and security update get it but if you are worried about it don't.. It's March and there is no date for G7 to get 9.0 Pie. So I will not jump to no LG product until I they get there "super ? slow system update center" up to pare.. Lol

  5. Vinny Bruce

    I have the LG G7 currently almost a year it was a great phone from last year. I can't believe they didn't put the super bright display the LG G8.

  6. Jimmy Dace

    Nice video, I do disagree a bit, I had the lg v35 which had the same camera system and honestly it was trash, if the camera isn’t a big deal than u could probably get by, for me the battery alone is worth upgrading but than if u don’t use your phone much than the g7 will work, plus u get the oled panel , I can go on and on why the g8 would be worth upgrading too

  7. Ratso Rizzo

    I just brought the g7 at the new years sales for 320 brand new and its a fantastic phone Im really impressed g8 looks like bumped up g7 both great

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