LG Q6 Review: 6 Winning Features

LG Q6 Review: 6 Winning Features

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34 Replies to “LG Q6 Review: 6 Winning Features”

  1. Jeetendranath Boyjoo

    Please help me to root my lg q6…and to update android 8/9…i love my q6 and i want use it for a long time again…thank, you can contact me on "messenger, with my email ad 'jeetendranath16@gmail.com'…"

  2. Jan Sanchez

    this one is a good phone. only if it had good battery life. mine doesn't last a day, without a follow up charge. what i do in a day? browse fb collectively about 3 hours, occasional youtube viewing, text messaging and calls to clients. i get at least 2 to 3 calls lasting about 5 to 10 minutes per call.

  3. Eleazar Sotomayor

    low quality of processor for that price..you're better off with the zenfone laser 3, just around 7.5k..better over all internal specs for a much lower cost, di nman palaging form factor lang ang dapat tingnan pati specs..i admit it looks nice but oa ang price para sa specs..there are way better options at this pricepoint..yeah it has nougat, but lg is one of the worst when it comes to giving updates for bug fixes. mas ok pa nga asus eh, in all fairness masipag sila mag bigay ng updates and upgrades os and firmware wise

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