LG Q6 Review with Pros & Cons – Looks Great But Practical?

LG Q6 mid-range android smartphone review with Pros & Cons the LG Q6 has the new 18:9 screen aspect ratio like the LG G6. I share what’s good and what’s bad with LG Q6 so that you can decide if this smartphone is right for you or not.

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LG Q6 is sold in India via Amazon

46 Replies to “LG Q6 Review with Pros & Cons – Looks Great But Practical?”

  1. Geekyranjit

    Here is the Nokia 6 full review with it's Pros & Cons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7X1M1WTErQE I do feel the new Moto G5s Plus is better than both the LG Q6 & Nokia 6. I am still testing the Moto G5s Plus but have used it now for 4 days so if you have any questions about Moto G5S plus do post them below, planing to post a FAQ video will try to include common questions in the same.

  2. Karthik Kumarasamy

    @geekyranjit, is this still good option as i want to buy compact phone with good build which is my primary concerns.

    previously i was using apple 5s, i would like to move into android midrange device which must have decent performance for browsing and music. 4G support should be there and decent battery. Please advice


  3. Rakesh Kaushik

    on amazon this device is now selling for 9000 and in exchange I am getting it at 7000 please suggest me if I go for this device or for some other device. Is it getting too much hot as I have lg g3 which gets too much hot and become unbearable from time to time so I had some bad experience with Lg but I am getting it at 7000 which attracts me a lot. please suggest today as this offer will last for today only. I am waiting for your reply. One more question does it has double tap system I get use to it.

  4. S.WolfKINZURDIA Mr Wolf

    Thanks for the ups pros and cons. I appreciate the video hands on learning what this phone . I have a question? Do you read would you like to do a full review of the book. I just need to ask. If you would be interested to read KINZURDIA! I'm Mr. Wolf KINZURDIA I am the dire wolf within the book. I'm trying to make it available everywhere , India, the Philippines South Africa Costa Rica. Please let me know if you're interested I want to read it ? Thanks

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