LG Q6 Review

Call it the mini G6: the new mid-range LG Q6 looks a lot like the company’s flagship phone, but there are some important differences…

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46 Replies to “LG Q6 Review”

  1. kumbaga

    I love this phone. I had it since launching in 2017. I don't know what over sharpening u talking about like we have bionic eyes. It looks crystal clear to me. Still works great with dual sim and the other for network with the other with lte with tethering so i also use it to hotspot to other devices.

  2. Pranesh Kumar

    Well, it's been 2.5 years of using this phone and I have to say,the software updates by Lg really made this phone an excellent choice.A lot was improved through the software updates.

  3. Mr. Slowpoke

    I don’t understand what you are saying about face recognition. You said it works well but then when you took it out “in real life” it didn’t work as well. In real life? Aren’t we already in real life? Explain better. That’s just ridiculous.


    if the phone have a easy scratch surface then BUY A FLIPPIN PHONE CASE

    Who doesn't have a phone case on any phone unless if they are not aware of this or hates their phone and want it destroyed. and this phone is the best phone EVER

    A parenting tip is that if the phone have a poor storage, then buy a SD card not only for having photos but also even some apps ( most parents forgets about this)

  5. Kristian benz

    i have used 3 cheep LG''s now and they have been good phones, not the fastest not the best premium feel in hands but great battery even after 3 yers of using my G3S its steel great bettery and they have been all very durable phones working in a car restpray lots of dust and lots of droping my phone and its just runs fine and i alsol had an lg magna that had the best 8mpx camera ever

  6. connor hetherington

    I have this phone i payed £250 this is just as good as my iPhone it has great screen quality bright and excellent battery life the only things that are disappointing are yes pictures can be abit blury at times and the key and the sound on the speaker isnt the loudest but performance is fine no lag

  7. Art Staff

    Dude, that's not a review — you're nit-picking!

    You should have titled this as "everything I hate with the Q6"

    You'll get more audience who'll share your opinion.


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