LG Q6 : TOP 3 Problems !

LG Q6 (Black, 18:9 FullVision Display)
LG Q6 : TOP 5 Best Features (will be uploaded tomorrow)
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25 Replies to “LG Q6 : TOP 3 Problems !”

  1. Gautham Krishna

    Watching this in q6. I findthis phone very interesting. I get almost 1 day with normal use. Moreover it is a mid ranger what more do u expect. Camera quality is ok. The only annoying thing i found about this phone is speaker. Nothing much

  2. Lucas T. C.

    The top problem about it is that the screen is always on. The screen will randomly turn on and not turn off again until you see it (or hours before it turns off) regardless of the settings. LG has confirmed this is a "characteristic" of the phone when asked about it. It makes me so angry! Obviously to make it last less, they wouldn't do it if this phone was targeted to the northern hemisphere, but it was targeted to "underdeveloped" countries like Brazil, where people don't care/don't notice this detail.


    Another problem of this phone is about the video codec. The stock video player doesn't supports 60fps video. It's so annoying remember older LG phone with cheaper price than this one supports this feature. But q6 doesn't. Alternatively you can use an external video player like MX, but still, it just for play the video. Can't Upload or editing the 60fps video due the internal codec that i mean

  4. DJ Smartbomb

    Ok. First off, I have this phone and

    1. The Q6 DOES have fast charging! Don't use the included charger. I use a LG G6 charger and it's works.
    2. I get more than one day battery life on my Q6. If i turn off sync, more than two days!
    3. Camera isn't as bad as the reviewer is saying. It's a low/midrange phone dude. What'd you expect?
    4. As of this writing, my Q6 has been updated to Android 8.0 Oreo which adds cool new features like DTS-X 3D Surround! That's right! On the Q6!

    How about doing a updated review of this phone for 2018 with Oreo! This phone is a budget beauty!

  5. Modiford

    In short, the Q6 is the poor-personses G6.
    Having upgraded from the G3s (the 'G3 mini') the Q6 is night-and-day better; so it's all relative on the experience.

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