LG Stylo 4 vs LG G7 ThinQ – Better than LG's Flagship?

In this video we compare the #LGStylo4 to the LG G7 ThinQ.

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46 Replies to “LG Stylo 4 vs LG G7 ThinQ – Better than LG's Flagship?”

  1. C.R

    i just bought four Stylo 4s for me and my family, on T-Mobile.
    theyre equipped with 2GB of ram but after 5 days of heavy use im happy to report zero stutter. we use Gpay everywhere so nfc was a must. the pen is great and part of the reason we went with the Stylo 4.

  2. Tim Gentz

    Bought a stylo 4 when it 1st came out: screen is great! – very comparable to oled. Speaker and camera is HORRIBLE! I went with a lg v30….never looked back!

  3. Stephen Louden

    Just got the Stylo 4+ for 170$ ..it has a 16mp camera and 3gigs of RAM instead of just 2. Oooohh! So great and cheap with many features one wants. I just compared it with my friends Note 9 and he said there's no way that it should be sold at at 170$ ..maybe least $300 to 400 for all it can do with it Yes it lacks the processing power to run a hundred apps at once and screen isnt as clear or the camera isn't as great but to each his own. .and .anyones 200$ cannon rebel camera from 5 yrs ago will blow away any phone camera of today … Most of us who get a budget phone could care less about having a 4k amoled screen or having an extra feed visible to read. Yes it's cool but whatever..we also watch tv on real "tv's "and take pictures with real cameras… I don't see a 600 to 900$ difference..and for that reason ill continue to get stylos or comparable phones for a third of the price
    My phone is to call and text and say hey google" wasn't I smarter for buying a 4k tv with the money leftover not buying a Note 9 n getting a Stylo instead?
    Google – "Yes you were a genius"

  4. Amen Sheani

    No Comparison… LG Q7 Sucks considering Double the Ram and Double the Memory and Twice the Processor and chip quality. Not to mention 3 times the Price..It should have been lot better and way more Faster then Cheap Stylo. Although there is a better unlock version of Stylo 4 with 64 Gig and 4 gig Ram. Stylo 4 did pretty good considering what it has under the hood. That Notch Btw You have option to take it off in Q7.

  5. Kuskus

    I use adb to uninstall bloatwares in Stylo 4 and freeze the musicfx and install the Dolby app….and I install the mod of YouTube….I was worry when I know stylo 4 cannot be rooted but eventually I get through it with most of the need met. I would be more happy if I can install viperatmos but its ok

  6. Ultimate Evil

    Amazon has stylo 4 for 200$ with three gigs of ram. Best buy for 250$ i think with 3 gigs of ram. Whatever you do don't buy the two gig of ram it's horrible very underpowered. I just ordered it from Amazon should get it today from the looks on the picture it looks like it's made differently on the back. Oh it's unlocked too works for alot of carriers.

  7. its EbK

    Double this double that… Blah blah… I have the stylo 4 and just got the g7 and they are literally the same… Subway surfers drops frames on my g7 and the stylo 4 plays it perfectly with no hiccups… Wtf… I wasted my money on a g7

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