LG V30 – A (VERY) Long Term User Review!

The LG V30 has had its ups and downs since launch and Eber has been through them all. Let’s find out how one of 2017’s most anticipated smartphones has matured over the months since its release.

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44 Replies to “LG V30 – A (VERY) Long Term User Review!”

  1. gary burrows

    My v30 has been abused . Dropped . Plastered on . It has a crack on top left screen . Works fine . I'm gonna keep it until end of 2020 if I can . Canadian providers just want too much money . The g8 is a great phone plus I hear the v50 is not coming to Canada . That says alot where lg stands regarding its mobile phone sector . I may just drop lg products ..they seem to be dropping the American market . Look at the 2 cameras only in America . And 3 everywhere else in world . I really don't see any major uogrades from v30 to g8 I can really benefit from to end up paying 1500 dollars for two years more . Fuck that I'll get an Alcatel for 99 bucks lol

  2. Hasaan Anjum

    For the "regular" users who do not want to fiddle with the camera.. just install Google Cam on V30 and get the same Samsung/iPhone quality photos.. otherwise the phone is not built to be used like that.. the QDAC alone makes it worth it over the G6… also depending on your location you can get the V30 pretty cheap.. like here in Pakistan it costs around $300 vs OnePlus 5T for $600.. prices for Feb 2019

  3. Bakit Lionheart

    I wanted to like the v30 but it just had terrible performance in seemingly random apps. Like Minecraft for one example hits around 25 fps on max settings compared to an old Motorola x that gets 60fps no problem.

  4. Saracen Gaming

    For a 2019 owners experience read here. Owner for 2 days. Bought at JB HiFi in Australia.
    Phone is currently on offer here so I picked it up to replace my ageing Note 3. Screen issue is not present on my handset. I take it LG has taken the time to rectify this issue. It looks great. Very dark blacks. Zero bleeding.
    I find the phone to be very fast and have a decent battery life. Sure it could be longer, but it's up there with the best. Performance is good too. Of course we always want stronger, faster and longer from everything in life but I find this is miles ahead of my old phone but that's to be expected of course.
    As for bloatware, there's not much but as with all other android devices this can be easily disabled in the app manager.
    The rear camera is very good and I'm not used to this level of low light performance from a phone. The wide angle camera is a nice addition too.
    Currently the phone is running android 8.0.
    The front facing camera is rather poor, but I never use it so it's no big deal to me. It looks like the same quality as that found on my old Note 3.
    Overall I'd give this phone a 9/10 in my early experience with it. So far so good.

  5. Arturo Escorcia

    After having this phone for a year I can definitely say its an amazing piece of hardware but LG still moves at a glacially slow pace when it comes to delivering updates, last update i recieved was in May2018, its now Jan2019 and still no updates or security patches.

  6. gidderman

    Still rockin' my LG V30 in 2019! To me it is the best smartphone out there. It is lightweight, which is something often overlooked, and that makes it one of the best phones to handle constantly. It fits in the hand well (for me at least), has pretty good battery life, nice camera setup with the wide angle lense (which is probably the best feature on it), an easy on the eyes oled screen which i much prefer over my G6 (i do notice the G6 is a bit sharper of an image however), and i dont mind the lg software, i find it to be much less intrusive than say… touchwiz (ugh). Also notable is that they put the fingerprint scanner in the exact location it 'should be' on every smartphone ever made, and i like how it is also the power button which in a phone case like i have, keeps it from being turned on all the time in my pocket (as the power button on the side of other phones will often do). So in summery its the worst phone ever for the manufacturers cause i will keep using it until lg or someone else actually makes something better. I looked at the V40 and its just a gimmicky redo not worth it, the note 9 was a contender but it is heavy and has the stupid touchwiz interface (not a fan). Perhaps this year will bring something better such as the note 10 or v50? We shall see… Until then LONG LOVE THE V30 🙂

  7. ajey214

    I expected a mention about its 4k video in cine log and the log file compatibility with the high quality PP softwares like Adobe premiere and Da vinci resolve. Only people who are into media productions will understand its importance.

  8. Iccank Coolesto

    Well its Been a year since i use v30, and then i ended with this called long term bullshit review, im a professional fotographer and i oftenly use v30 to take a shot, but i kinda like the manual mode in this phone and the capability to save as raw format, you know that many average consumer and reviewer fall in the conclusion of bad camera phone by zooming the picture and see the background not so detail etc, who cares.. for better picture taking is not in every situation, u just adapt to how the mechanics of the phone works.. in this term i love lg even their auto mode seems to break the moment of the picture but the manual mode is georgeus plus u can save the preset in graphy.. so when you needed u can called.. so this phone is amazing for ppl who can utilize their features but for deadline cacther reviewer or average consumer it would be a just another flagship that didnt have the wow factors.. u lose so many in your called long term review.. this just another typical review that just boring as the other.., added the screen have zero problem until now, just a tiny dent in the corner of the phone after i dropped so many times

  9. Dr Voodoo God

    NEVER buy an lg phone. Every LG phone I have had broke or had a fault which rendered it useless. I know know not to buy LG phones as at some point WILL fail. Bootloop problems, moisture in charge port which pings every 2 seconds even though charge port is bone dry and plastic SIM trays which break and destroy SIM reader pins. These are just the problems I have had. Yes I've bought 3 LG phones derrrrrr. Phone was only made in 2017 ( still under warranty ) but when I called LG they said I had purchased a Taiwanese model and there was nothing they could do to help as LG UK was not responsible for the phone and in no way wanted to help and could only suggest I contact LG taiwan. I did so to find out all there sites,numbers etc were in Taiwanese, I persisted. Google translate etc. Send an email to head office of LG taiwan. I received an email nearly a week later in broken English a(which was expected and not really a problem but the response was. " Sorry we LG taiwan you need UK LG we not able to help" when I rang LG UK they refused to help but told me I could PAY to have it fixed if I chose to???? I purchased the LG G6 h870ds because it has 64gb memory over the 32gb model, dual SIM and hifi DAC, so thought it was the best option.also it was advertised and reviewed on YouTube in English and not expecting problems I suppose at the back of my mind I believed it was supported in UK and other English speaking countries as it was reviewed and advertised in English? To top that they never take responsibility for issues. My latest phone LG G6 had the SIM tray problem and constant moisture in charge port warnings. In every case all my information photos videos music etc, was lost forever toddler pictures of my happy little son lost and only exist in my memory (bitter pill to swallow).If you buy an apple phone apple fix it. Samsung are the same and I guess most phone manufacturers are. NOT LG… Plus if you YouTube LG phone faults. The list of videos showing absurd faults and devoted, committed LG phone owners showing complicated and bizarre repair methods an tutorials is unreal and LG should be ashamed. So don't buy LG smartphones there riddled with faults and obscure issues. I believe there intent is to compete with the likes of apple and Samsung and think they deserve there cut of the market and don't get me wrong when they work there good little phones usually not compromising of features and specifications. BUT THAT'S WHEN THEY WORK. in my experience that's usually 2-3 months. I didn't want to have the same phone everybody else had and the LG phones I had all boasted awesome camera features. I know know to buy the same phone as everyone else…. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED…!

  10. Abid Ali Shaikhali

    Hi I just bought an LG V30S thinq, based on your comments regarding the screen, I notice a considerable blue shift in viewing angles of the screen. The only way it doesn't seem to be there is when looking at the phone head on, any slight tilt of the hand it appears to be there. Is this normal in lg v30S thinq screen?

  11. shiftew leite

    They should work on their pricing.. they launch at such a ridiculous price that it looses its value.. they should've launched this device at 699$ – 730%

  12. Davy Van Laere

    Picked this up at the end of 2018 for 399 … My last phone was also an LG which i bought for the same reason. As long as those LG prices keep dropping in price like that, i'll keep on buying yesteryear high-end LG's 😉

  13. S G

    I’m considering leaving the “apple ecosystem” for this. Truly a brilliant phone. The Samsung’s have too much useless shit on their software too appeal over an iPhone but damn LG

  14. Eugene Song

    Watching from my LG V30…(coming off a GS7 Edge and previous iPhones). I've been extremely pleased with LG and they've gotten a lot better now. Fortunately my V30 OLED has been impressive

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