LG V30 Long Term Review: Is it worth $200 in 2019?

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Let’s review the LG v30 almost two years later and see how the phone has aged. It is about $200 on the used market and new prices are not that far off, with rebates and incentives from carriers. How well has the phone aged, should you still buy it in today’s market filled with mid-range phones and phones that have decreased in value. here are my thoughts. I’m using Nova Launcher with a wallpaper from ZEDGE.

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45 Replies to “LG V30 Long Term Review: Is it worth $200 in 2019?”

  1. Frozen

    Sir may i have your wallpaper?
    And the phone looks good. i.tried to negotiate with someone to drop his/her price but i think they were really in bad mood and told me to go to hell.. how sad.

  2. cooldaddyslick

    To anybody reading this who wants a V30. Get the V35. Had both. The V30 weighs a tad less and the newer processor and extra ram make a big difference. The battery doesn't last as long but it still last long.

  3. MrMosoani

    I still have my g6. I admire lg for the ton of features and some handy tools. However, battery and hardware is not good anymore. The fingerprint scanner now doesn't work in just less than 2 years.

  4. pookiewood

    I had a V35 and left it on a car and it then got run over! WAHHH!! It was a phone that replaced a V30. The V30 I had was horrible because the bluetooth would keep dropping out. Did anyone else see this with the V30? I loved the V35 but at $200 a V30 makes the most sense and I'd go back to it but wondering if the phone I had was a 1 off.

  5. Ferenc Samarus

    After a year in my hands still works like a charm, i have dropped off from a lorry trailer ~8 feet no problems.

    My type c connector is about to give up due to the dirt that stuck into it. Definitely not best in low light conditions but the camera is something that i love in it.

    My battery worn pretty much, but not bad consodering im doing most of my daily work on the phone.

    I appreciate the headphone jack, i use it daily.

    But surley soon its time to change, this is my first android phone tho:)

  6. Michael Vu

    Dumped my Samsung S8 after LG V30 came out… best decision ever. Still use the LG V30 in 2019, not gonna upgrade anytime soon. Still think can hold on to it for another 2 years. No reason to upgrade here.

  7. tywan james

    Here's a tip to anybody on T-Mobile that wants a LG. Always buy the factory unlocked version. T-Mobile makes LG make the auto-brightest useless. It's either on or off and when it's on it's way too dim to even make it useful. The auto brightest on every other carrier, plus unlocked ones, work the regular way. Not too dim or too bright and you can adjust the slider.

  8. Khotta Bogard

    Watching on an LG G7, i wish icould have bought a V30 for that price, but the cheapest G6 i could find in Costa Rica was over 450$, new. I just spent about 615$ on this G7, it costs the same as a Galaxy S8+ here, but i like it more.
    The one thing i don't like, it's the lcd's nature of not having pitch black blacks, there's always this background lighting that washes out the clarity, despite of having amazing colors and sharpness.
    LG makes great phones, but their marketing department sucks hairy balls.

  9. Grey Goose

    I got my V30 nearly a year ago and got it for $400. I never buy brand new phones because buying a used old phone will always outperform a brand new budget phone

  10. G-zuz

    Would buy if it weren't for the headphone jack being at the top ?. It's really annoying having your headphones plugged all the way at the top

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