LG V30 Plus Review – It has it ALL?!

Here’s a review and run down of the LG v30 Plus. Thank you to Jumbo electronics for sending this over for review! The wide angle is amazing.

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  1. Coco Eulo

    OMG either Camera is shitola or image processor is a piece of shit seriously nothing LG has ever impressed me. I'm guessing they've only got the 40-60 year old market. Old folks that remember LG way back when they're a top tech brand and that's all they know to buy and can't research other cutting edge brands that push performance with value. Xiaomi line easily shit on this and anything else LG's got.

  2. Hann Go

    I love wide angle.. I still have my lg v20 my longest partner in crime?. Its very old now, but lg promises to have an android pie. So i will still kept it for that.
    Im using mg v20 for projecting many tv screen using type c to hdmi adapter.. My friends still amazed because their phone cant do it.

  3. Joseph Phua

    I just got the LG v30+… I do not know how to use (in most way)…difficulty in finding for the case-cover.

    My previous was that Amazing LG Beat.

  4. deatekakwitha

    Thanks for doing this video, sir. I am planning to purchase this and you have provided an ample amount of information. I do agree that they should have placed bigger battery capacity on it. That's a downer. 4gb ram? not cool.
    But NFC and IP68 are what attracts me towards it.

  5. Dummy Phone

    LOVE my V30+. Unfortunately I'm watching this video on my LG G4 as my 30 + is charging. Shame, my G4 still works, it came with the second battery with charger. Only thing I really miss about it. Still a great phone. LG makes great products. I have a TV from them that's like 10 years old. 120hz 1080 P. I'm a loyal fan. My Lady is a Samsung person. Dropped her S9 first time and snapped the screen. She's getting LG next time around.

  6. Kok Fong Chow

    Lg v30 this is how you do it??????
    This is the shittiest V series of all.
    Not only it has nothing more to offer compared to the previous V series, It got much less to offer compared to the previous v series.
    To make it a fashion statement, they cut out the main practicality of the V series because everyone only cares about the looks.

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