LG V30 – REAL Day in the Life!

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Time for another real day in the Life. This time we do an LG V30 review! We do LG V30 camera tests, talk about the performance, battery life and more.

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33 Replies to “LG V30 – REAL Day in the Life!”

  1. Nikki Crawley

    I got V30 a little after they came out. First "new" phone I ever bought. I don't think I'll ever go back to a different phone series. I loved my older V20 when I had it. I'm absolutley in love with it ❤❤

  2. Osan Shouo

    For someone who has never had a phone, yeah it would be awesome to have. But honestly its a average phone, FEELS to be a clone of a Samsung phone. I came from a Note 3 and its a dissapointment. Macro sucks, no portrait… BOTH cameras are cheap in quality, old technology. My Note 3 and my spare Xr is ten times better. There is lots of vignetting, pastel areason the pictures. The normal lens, is ok, mine is goin back to Ebay.

  3. Tony Diaz

    You can't experience this phone until you have it on your hand and see it for yourself.
    It's absolutely beautiful.
    I have the black colored V30+ one and it's luxurious.

    Very beautiful screen, I might say…

  4. Max Malcolm

    Your reviews are awesome. I'm so tired of seeing other reviews where they're whipping their phone off a balcony to test "durability" (fun fact: if you whip anything off a balcony its probably going to suffer some damage).
    I feel like these reviews are actually relevant to consumers, and I will be using them when I make my next smartphone purchase tonight.

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