LG V30 "Real Review"

LG V30 “Real Review”
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44 Replies to “LG V30 "Real Review"”

  1. Costas Patralis

    Just ordered the LG v30 here in Australia for $439 AUD ($319 USD) on special down from $799 AUD ($579 USD). Can't complain about that, looks like a great phone…… I'm hoping.

  2. alebidogas

    I loved your review, very well put together. Also cool that we live thousands of miles from each other surrounded by totally different cultures, yet we think exactly the same about phones.

  3. cj18

    fuck samsung, it looks shiit, the v30 def the king with the u11 as the queen lion on that table as far as looks. Samsung has no wallpaper scrolling ffs 2019 s9!!

  4. Osan Shouo

    Yes, some do have the light bleed. Its when seeing the phone on low light from the left or right side. Its very minimal, the top glass has a very slight gap. I sometimes forget its there, and having a case will solve it. Not bleed from the screen, bleed as if a gap on the shell. But its silly minimal…
    On a side note, the power button has no play, mine is 06/2018 production ?
    Does not have active apps shutdown
    Alarm clock is in ANALOG!!! WTF really?
    The Quad Dac is really not that hype and I tested it w several headphones. You can call it real review, but its pretty basic. Entertaining yes, accurate NO.
    Battery gets hot under intense gaming or during wireless charging.
    Sometimes a little laggy when accessing APPS under settings option.
    The camera is average, Samsung and iPhone are miles superior from panoramic, macro to taking video. LG seems a clone of a Samsung, the LG feels a phone w a lot of techy shit here and there but with OVERALL above mediocre results.
    Very limited on app uninstall
    I bought mine for 300 new so am happy for what it is.

  5. Derik Dang

    Thanks Floss – great review (as always). By the way, what the theme that you've installed on most of your phones (the one with big clock)? Thanks

  6. Brandon Kelly

    Lol Bluetooth speaker too loud? There is a such thing called volume control… My Bluetooth speaker is loud as fuck! But if the volume is all the way down to 1 it's pretty damn low… I'm not saying anything about not needing dual speakers though. Dual speakers are definitely nice to have because there are ALWAYS times I wanna listen to music or watch a YouTube video and I don't have my speaker with me. I mean seriously idk ANYONE that always carries a Bluetooth speaker with them lol

  7. Hermis Gonzalez

    I don't agree the critic about the fingerprint/power button. It is one of my fav features of LG devices. It is easy to get used to and it removes the problem of accidental. Activation on devices with side buttons. One important thing worth mention, are the wired earbuds, while the front power button elimates accidents, the wire brings it back. Everytime the wire makes contact with screen it activates it, to me that is a problem.

  8. Greg Humphrey

    Bought the v30+ because the note 8 or 9 imo isn't worth the near grand Samsung asks for. A good compromise if you don't really use the s-pen as the specs are comparable

  9. Dark VadeR

    Going back to your reviews.  I can get a 5.00 a month LG V30 plus or a iPhone 8 for 8.00 a month.  Stuck on deciding.  never had anything by Apple.  But 8.00 a month for the iPhone 8 help?  Already got a NOTE 9 and a Oneplus 5T.   This is for my grand daughter, or  maybe me.

  10. Josh12342

    On the v20, hated the secondary display, and I don't know anyone that uses the speakers on their phone in my life, everyone uses headphones and the quad dac is a huge change also in my opinion, the more thin and light a phone is, the more premium it is, the more heavier, in my opinion, it's more cheap

  11. Shyro Channing

    My Dilly is all about the split screen on my SGN8, with Side 1: YouTube. Side 2: Pac-Man. While using my Duel Bluetooth 1: Wireless Earbuds or Headphones. 2: Wireless Controller. And it all just works so damned good!

    (Oh yeah ?… And er… That "IG ThOT Patrol" on my Second SGN8 ?)!

  12. Hanniel Kidangen

    I'd prefer light phone, than a heavy phones..
    Way back 90's heavy phones is original but this days, chips is going smaller and smaller.
    The only things heavy is the battery.

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