LG V30 Review: It's Time To Take Notice

Buy the LG V30: | Full review & ratings: | The LG V series has historically been a bit underrated, but Lanh thinks the V30 is the phone to turn that attitude around. This is the LG V30 review.

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49 Replies to “LG V30 Review: It's Time To Take Notice”

  1. Rajivrocks Ltd.

    I'm just gonna get the V20 when my G4 dies, Non-removable is such a deal breaker, no removable battery = no buy. After I buy a V20 in a year or 2 and that one dies as well I'll switch to regular phones. xD so like 10 years xD

  2. Gabriela Lamberti

    I have the LG V20 and after two years of heavy use, I only get 3:30 hours of use. I'm looking forward to getting the V30 in 2019 for $300. I will never pay more than $400 for a phone.
    I hope it gets 8.1.0

  3. rivalstorm120

    Correction, not perfectly fine under water. Got a little rain in my V30 and the speakers stopped working for a little over 1 hour. It went back to normal afterwards but it isnt PERFECT, under water.. Just sayin', from experience

  4. AL

    I will never EVER buy an LG phone again. I've had two LG flagship phones, both of them had serious defects. I don't mean things that I just didn't like, I mean major manufacturing problems in what should be LG's most perfected phones.
    First I had the P880 or Optimus 4X HD which I had for 3 years. The GPS never worked for me. The HD screen was degraded by the poor quality of its plastic front which was to far form the actual LCD that dirt kept getting inside the screen from earpiece grill. Also the loud speaker, beside being deadly soft, produced a high pitch noise randomly. Tried multiple official ROMs and CyanogenMod, same issues.
    Then, the stupid me bought the LG V20 once it came out. The camera in the preview mode is very very poor quality and it reminds me of old Nokia phones. It'd lag and stutter before you take a photo. Also the Volume button on that thing broke very soon (appeared to be very common), the LCD got scratched easily (a flagship?), the loud speaker degraded over time until it's barely usable (I keep it very clean, no dirt on grill). Finally the secondary screen is useless and is poorly cut around the front camera that it'll leak light into the main screen and you have a very limited control over what it can display. (Google LG G2, G3, G4 issues)

  5. P. I.

    Can the LG V30do the following?

    1: Use a voice phrase like "OK Google" to open the phone when the LOCK SCREEN IS ON.
    2: Be able to take a a picture by telling google assistant to "take a picture" and doing nothing more.


  6. Cassandra Buford

    So happy to see a good review about this device. I don't own an LG smartphone at the moment, but I have in the past and they have always been reliable. I Think Apple and Samsung always just have more street credit, but LG definitely gives them a run for their money every year. Glad to hear you talk about all the great features this device offers

  7. Diana G.

    I do want this phone. It would be a big upgrade from my 5 year old LG G4. But the price is a bit too high for my budget at the moment. I'll wait until the price is lowered

  8. Larry Smith

    A non removable battery is a big deal to anyone who doesn't buy a new phone every year or those of us who actually use phone for real business. Carry one or two charged batteries and you're ready for anything. I was fortunate to pick up one of the last LG V20s in Verizon's inventory two months ago.

    As for audiophile audio, who the hell are you kidding? It might be good or even great FOR A SMARTPHONE, but it's not audiophile quality unless the audiophile is a stupid kid / millennial who has never listened to sound on anything other than a set of earbuds.

  9. Obsessive Progressive 2310

    LG lost its roots with the v30. Nowhere near as durable as the V10 or the v20. The ability to change the battery is now gone which is terrible. The tool screen differentiated the LG V series phones from the rest. I think I'll stay with my v20 as long as it holds out.

  10. Brian Chevalier

    Question, I am coming from an LG G4 and I love it, but its starting to slow down and cause problems. How bad would I miss the removable battery if I go to the V30? Also will I notice that it doesn't run oreo yet?

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