LG V30 Review: The Best Video Phone (With One Big Exception)

LG didn’t do itself any favors by waiting until October to release its V30 smartphone in the US, after first announcing it back in August. But it’s telling that, in the intervening weeks, I haven’t been able to go a day without someone on Twitter asking for an ETA on my LG V30 review. This is a smartphone that’s got people stoked.

Part of that is the natural demand for an underdog alternative to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8, or curiosity about how much of the V30’s DNA made it into the LG-made Google Pixel 2 XL. But comparing the V30 to either of those competitors misses the point. The V30 isn’t just LG’s higher-end model for the fall; it’s one of the only three smartphones in recent memory designed specifically for shooting near-professional-quality mobile video. (The other two were its immediate predecessors, the LG V10 and V20.)

The V30 packs updates to the styling and specs of its forerunners, while tossing in more cinematography features like in-camera color grading and support for the Cine-Log format. It also brings its own version of the super-wide-angle dual-camera system that kept the LG G6 in my pocket for much of this year, and includes a 32-bit Hi-Fi DAC and 3.5mm headphone jack for the audiophiles in the audience. But with a price point starting at $800 and a selfie camera that falls far behind the quality of the primary shooter, will the LG V30 be able to live up to the hype created by its long road to release? Check out MrMobile’s LG V30 review to find out, and then hit up Android Central’s LG V30 Review for the deep dive!



MrMobile’s LG V30 Review was produced following seven weeks with a pre-production LG V30 review unit, and ten days with a production-ready LG V30 review unit, both provided by LG. The retail unit was an AT&T branded LG-H931 tested in Greater Boston and New York City, paired with an LG Watch Sport.

Some footage courtesy Alex Dobie/Android Central.


LG V30 Review [Android Central]:

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38 Replies to “LG V30 Review: The Best Video Phone (With One Big Exception)”

  1. Nikos Figueroa

    Bought this phone for 200usd in used Market as secondary phone because of my OnePlus 6t headphone jack situation. HiFi Quad Dac turn on on a good set of headphones is a night and day compared to my OnePlus 6t. I just noticed that for lower impedance in ear monitors the difference is not that much but for headphones over 50ohms wow!!!

  2. calangel

    Turn the beauty mode and lighting settings to zero, make sure the resolution is at maximum, and turn HDR to either on or off, NOT on auto. Selfie quality is much better.

  3. mrjinkorea

    The wide angle camera is amazing. 120 degree field of view, 13MP, 1.8f stop lens so you can actually get decent night shots with the wide angle lens.

  4. GenAndrei

    I have the V10 for almost 2 years now and I'd expect atleast 3 years of good work from a flag man. The battery went to shit first, I bought a new one and it's bad too. The phone is slow after about a year so I had to factory reset it, lots of glitches now too… Not getting LG again.

  5. Garvežiukas Tomas

    It's still a great phone in mid 2018! Got it few weeks ago and couldn't be happier. The only drawback I've found on this phone is a front camera which is not terrible but a noticable step back from competitors. Of course, you can use your back camera for selfies, since you kinda see yourself on the back glass but that's compromising. Other than that, it's brilliant, definitely recommended for everyone that like taking photos and listening music a lot on their phone.

  6. vishal bharadwaj

    Glad i made a right choice by buying lg v30 by checking your and android central review . It is so amazing and particularly if you neglect the selfie cam performance , it is one of the best out there in the market. P.s : True beauty of this camera is, it helps us learn how to take perfect shots with it's graphy assistant and editing videos or photos on the fly is so good with its inbuilt video and photo editors . Thanks for the review

  7. Anthony Reed

    Oooh so people wasnt"pretty" phones! I like the V10 build better but guess that's why I'm an alien and the rest of you are robots! I'd rather have durability then some fragile piece of hardware for sure

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