LG V30 Revisited Part 2: Android Pie

Android Pie update arrived on my V30 a few days after I posted my last V30 video. 😭 So here’s a quick video talking about the update after spending over a week with it.

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37 Replies to “LG V30 Revisited Part 2: Android Pie”

  1. Ru New

    I love my V30 but it has screen burn now it's still useable but I would like to replace my phone with something similar because I got my phone loaded down with crap just the way I like it. The obvious answer is get the next or newest series of LG but this was my first screen burn and I don't wish to repeat it, any suggestions?

  2. VF

    I have bought this phone almost year ago (March) and it has updated only once since I have been using it (End of May).All that time I had Android 8.0.0. Does the upgrade of software depend on your location or what?

  3. Dimon

    I have on LG G6, did a clean install, first days all was buggy but now it runs better than oreo and the battery have really improved.

  4. Andrew Stineman

    Tbh 9.0 does not run as smooth at all scrolling in messages is very bad the worse out of the whole mess and it over all is alot more laggy in most things this phone is overall just not as fast any more and hey person who made this video use the damn phone for two weeks before u make sum video about it. the phone is better as far as haveing a better os but the user experience is much slower I this becomes very apparent when u have filled the internal storage over half

  5. Arie Kazep

    I tried upgrading US99830h (LG V30+) Pie but stuck in the boot logo. why is that? so i have to downgrade again to firmware US99820h…someone plz help me!

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